Pick Your Poison: Horror Movies or Haunted Houses

It’s that scary time of year again where little kids love to spend the day in their costumes and at night, go trick or treating through the neighborhoods. This has been a tradition in some families with younger kids. However, when you are older you have the option to now enjoy some of the scariest haunted house attractions and gory rated R horror movies.

Don’t stay in and steal your younger sibling’s candy. Instead, pick your poison between watching a horror movie with friends and running through a haunted house. In order to aid you in your decision, let’s see what movies are coming out this month and what the most popular Halloween attractions are.

               Sometimes you rather stay inside and watch movies. During the month of Halloween tend to be filled with tons of gore and horror to set the atmosphere of the month. So below there are a few movie titles coming out soon with the descriptions attached.

               Movie #1: Escape Room- October 17

                                             For Tyler’s 30th birthday, his wife provides tickets for them and two other couples to participate in Escape Room, which is expected to be just a riddle game. The object of the game is to figure out how to escape the room you are locked in through cryptic clues. The pressure starts when the hour you have to figure out the riddle starts to dwindle to seconds. Only when the puzzles become increasingly deadly and start claiming the lives of a victim in each room does the group realize that they are playing the game of their lives.

               Movie #2: The Snowman- October 20

After the death of a young woman during the first snowfall, Detective Hole investigates this murder and doesn’t expect it to be linked to routine homicides. The homicides turn out to be the work of a clever and skilled sociopath who receives the name “The Snowman Killer.” While Detective Hole unknowingly plays into the killer’s game, he also works with another colleague to track the killer down before he strikes again.


               Movie #3: Jigsaw- October 27

While the infamous John Kramer, commonly known as Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade. However after mangled bodies are found, there are questions about if Jigsaw has returned or are these deaths pure coincidence…We think not.


               While watching movies could be a little too quiet or boring for some people looking to have an adrenaline rush or fins something to do with friends during Halloween. Haunted houses are a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and exercise your right to be scared. Below are haunted houses with their unique descriptions for each. Hopefully you can find an attraction that suits you.


               House #1: The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Known for their attention to detail, this haunted house allows you to discover 13 different realms where your fears come alive. This detail is made possible through the amazing set design and make up effects that help blur the lines of the house terrors and reality. This house also adds to your fear by having the only ways out being achieved by crawling through crematory ovens and maneuvering in a dark tunnels. During the Halloween season 160 actors and 40 crew members are hired to put on the production along with a skilled special effects team. This interactive house knows your fears and doesn’t hesitate to play on your real fears and challenges the audience to face them. Are you up for the challenge?

               House #2: Blackout in New York and Los Angeles

This house is respected as the scariest haunted house of all time. Through their traumatizing, real scenarios they have captured the attention of many.  This attraction is focused on how well a person can follow directions and is meant to discover the fears you didn’t know you had. The actors that participate in this are allowed to touch you and you will be involved in the scene in ways you’ve never imagined. The experience is so intense and disturbing that at the beginning of the journey, you are told a safe word to use that will stop whatever horror you are involved in. Did I mention that you have to go through the whole thing alone? How long would it be before you used the safe word? Would you like to find out?

               House #3: Cutting Edge in Fort Worth, Texas

Cutting Edge is unlike any other haunted houses in America. Located in an abandoned meat packing factory, this attraction will leave you screaming for the terrors to end. Being called “Hell’s Half Acre,” you can assume that a place like this is sure to terrify you. On top of that, it has been awarded the title of being the longest haunted house walk through in the world and the world’s largest haunted attraction by Guinness World Records. Putting your bravery to the test, you will walk through rooms that have butchered bodies circling through on a conveyor system and be disoriented as you make your way through the darkness while gothic music plays. You can’t tell me you’re not even a little excited already to visit this haunted attraction!  If you are then, prepare to be frightened to your core.