Paused Purpose

Isn’t doubt annoying? You know you have the ability to achieve your goals, but doubt holds you back from achieving them. Why is that?

Perhaps you are afraid of failure. Or maybe you’re afraid of embarrassment. Maybe you’re afraid of more responsibilities from the success of your goals.

Whatever it is, doubt should not hold you back from doing something that you’re passionate in. Hopefully whoever needs this message will grab it and run towards their goals.

  • Do not compare yourself. No matter how competitive your field is, you should focus on yourself. Those who are passionate in a craft will work hard to perfect it. By comparing your work to someone else’s work, you distract yourself from your purpose. It is okay for multiple people to choose similar avenues to reach their purpose. What makes you different is how you navigate your purpose. Comparison may put you on a path that you were never meant to take to fulfill your goals.
  • Put yourself out there. When you put work into a craft, it shows. People see passion in work. They are attracted to the authenticity that is revealed in a creator’s passion. Why hide that passion from the world? It is scary to put your work out into the world. It requires a lot of vulnerability, but it is worth it. Don’t worry about people not liking your work. There is an audience for everything.
  • Don’t let anyone rush your process. People may try to give you a formula for success, but success is different for everyone. Focus on what success is for you and the steps that you need to take to get there. The work that you invest into your craft may be draining. It is okay to rest. Burnout can be just as hindering to your process as doubt. When you feel like you need to take time to work on other things to help you in your process, take that time.

Whatever your purpose or passion may be, whatever stage in the process you are in, be proud of yourself. You have made it this far and you will continue to go far when you believe in yourself.

Believe in yourself. The skills that you have acquired so far have prepared you for the place that you’re in right now. As long as you do not lose sight of your goal, you will be sure to achieve it. :)