My Experience Abroad

For many of us, summer isn’t exactly what it’s made out to be. If you’re like me, summer means anything but relaxation, travel, or impromptu trips to the beach.  In fact, as a college student, most of my summers have been overpopulated with work, appointments, and sprinkled with a few social events.

However, this summer me and my family decided to divert from the usual routine and take a trip to Cancun, Mexico. So, here’s a few tidbits for your next journey.

1. Enjoy the food… just watch what you eat!

Vacation is often where we explore. However, you may want save some of this exploration for excursions. In foreign country’s meat as well as other foods are prepared differently. So… watch what you eat!!!

2. Explore unchartered waters!

If you’re like me, traveling abroad only comes once every blue moon. Therefore, excursions are a must! Me and my family had a shopping spree while on the streets of Playa Del Carmen!!

3. Don’t forget water and sun-screen!

Staying hydrated and making sure to apply sunscreen is a must in humid climates like Mexico. In-fact, my mom almost past out from heat exhaustion at the resort. Which is why I’m warning all of my travelista’s to stay hydrated.

4. Last but never least… R-e-l-a-x!

Vacation is definitely not the time for stressing about unnecessary things. And although we can sometimes get caught up in planning for trips, it’s important to remember the reason you decided to divert from your daily routine. Besides, isn’t that what vacation is all about!

Photos courtesy of Kyra Wilkins.