A Letter To My Freshman Self

Over the weekend, I logged into my Dropbox account to import some pictures I didn't need on my phone anymore. In the process, I came across all the pictures I imported the last time I logged into my account my freshman year, three years ago.

As I looked through my old memories it got me thinking of all the things I had endured relationship wise and also academically. To put it in the simplest terms, I had been through a lot and I have definitely changed all the more…and I’m not just talking about the major make-up routine upgrade (thank God). So I thought to myself, if I could write a letter to my freshman year self, what would I say and this is what I came up with…


Dear Past Irene,

You have grown so much and for you to be where you are right now you should be proud. You should have given yourself enough credit for the things you accomplished. Wanting more for yourself is natural, no one ever wants to stay stagnant, but you shouldn't have been so hard on yourself.

I wish you knew all the emotional and mental battles you would face for the next year and a half, so you were better equipped on how to be resilient but it’s okay because eventually you learned it anyway.

You have so much to be thankful for. Yes, friends definitely came in and out of your life over the span of three years, however, through those experiences you have a better understanding of discernment and a better understanding of the type of people you were meant to keep close to you.

Your academic life is just as difficult as you thought it would be, so nothing has changed too much in that department. Lastly, live life! Stop caring what people think of you, enjoy your college years while you have time because four years goes by very quickly.

P.S. Girlll your eyebrow routine could use some help for real! Go back and watch a couple more YouTube videos.

Love, Present Irene <3