Ladies: Keep That Kitty Pretty


As busy adult women, personal hygiene should be one the many things we hold to high importance. Naturally, we are so invested in the well-being of ourselves that when our bodies feel great—we feel great, our attitudes are positive, we feel more motivated, etc.


Amongst the many things us women like to keep in order, vaginal health is one that is at the top of the list. Our vaginas, so to speak, are our holy grails, our pleasure portals, our precious delicate flowers, and we should treat them as such. Maintaining happy vee-jayjay health is actually quite simple. The fact that our vaginas are technically self-cleaning ovens makes the job of maintaining our health so much easier, however, there are many things we should still do in order to keep our pink clams happy.


First things first! If you don’t have a gynecologist, I strongly suggest you get one. Whether or not you are sexually active, getting regular gynecological screenings is super important. Also, having a medical professional you can talk to regularly about reproductive health will save you from a lot of unwanted trouble later in life.


This isn’t new information but when it comes to your vagina, the less products… the better. Your vagina is not—nor was it ever—meant to smell like peaches and cream or roses and strawberry. Save your money and don’t bother buying scented vaginal soaps; it’s not necessary and it will only throw your PH balance out of whack. An unhealthy vaginal PH leads to infections you don’t want. Keep it simple and use unscented soap and warm water, I promise that will do the trick!


If you are sexually active, remember to practice safe sex! Duhhh! That includes using a condom, peeing after sex, cleaning yourself thoroughly after sex, seeing your gynecologist, getting tested, etc. There’s not reason to be foolish and risk STIs and STDs.

Source: Healthline


Monitor your discharge! Like I stated earlier, our vaginas are self-cleaning. As women it’s one of the many amazing things our bodies can do! So it is important to monitor it. If your vagina isn’t happy, she will def let you know. Any colors out of the ordinary should immediately be reported to your gynecologist.


See, maintaining a healthy vagina isn’t hard at all, that is the beauty of the female body. With all that being said, I hope these few tips were helpful in order to keep your kitties pretty!