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Is This Kind of Publicity Degrading to Female Celebrities?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Salisbury chapter.

Is this kind of publicity degrading to female celebrities? Rapper Nicki Minaj has always been known for her rather heavily sexualized displays of herself such as her risqué Anaconda music released in 2014 and photographs accentuating her very voluptuous figure, but the artist seems to have up the ante in her explicitness in her new Paper magazine cover posted in the top screen where three versions of Nicki Minaj are seen in a rather sexually suggestive manner interacting with one another “intimately.”

The subject of this photograph has caused much debate as rapper and newly turned The View host as be noted for stating that she herself as a woman would not do the same. Eve’s comment was taken as a form of slut-shaming and she was meet with a variety of response, some in agreement believing that Nicki was objectifying herself for attention while others argued that Nicki should have a right to being comfortable with her body and sexuality without being judged or insulted as a lowly woman.   

A common critique of Nicki’s actions was the stance that such graphic images is that it perpetuates the ideal that women must depend on using their sexuality for attention so it send a negative message to young girls and women about how to view themselves. That whether they like it or not female celebrities have to be careful of the content that they decide to put out because it could corrupt the mindset of their younger female audiences who look up to them for inspiration.

Should our female celebrities be held to such a high standard? With social media becoming so widespread and dominate in our culture younger demographics of children are having easier access to subject matter that may not be suitable for their age. A counterargument for this claim is that parents are the ones who should be monitor what kind of media their children are exposed to and that celebrities should not be held accountable for the actions of people they have no real control over.

Such responsibilities are unfair and restrictive as they put unrealistic expectations on celebrities. Certain Nicki fans have even noted the double standard in how male celebrities like Future and the Migos can rap about topics like substance abuse and risky sexual behavior and not be held accountable while their female counterparts face much scrutiny.  

Jeanie Amara is currently attend Salisbury University and her major is Graphic Design. She would like to work on an animation team as her dream career. An interesting fact about her is that she is bilingual in Spanish and is able to create videos using Adobe premiere.
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