I Refuse to Watch Life-Size 2

I know you all remember the original movie Life-Size with Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks, the movie that was a part of childhood in the year 2000.

The movie that showed us true friendship has been made into a sequel and honestly I do not remember any one asking for one. Do not get me wrong, Francia Raisa is a great actress but this sequel just did not appeal to me.


I just could not find the joy from the previews to tell me, “This is what you need to see, bring back your childhood”. Instead, it made me grateful that I had the original to still look back on.

Tyra Banks just sounded to ditzy to me, she was a little ditzy in the first one because that was the part she played, but this one just made it all too real for me that it was giving me all types of no vibes.


Especially that “Eve” voice she does, I just cannot understand the excitement.  The other thing was that this movie was supposed to be Christmas based; I felt no Christmas spirit from this movie.

Maybe if I watched it, I would feel it, but I am just turned off by this movie. I feel as though someone is going to get me to sit down and watch the movie but I promise I will be buried in my phone the entire time.

Freeform will not ruin the original for me, I refuse.