How to Save Money At Chipotle

Are you on a budget? Do you love Chipotle? Are you looking to help reduce your environmental impact? If the answer is yes, this article is for you!

With Spring just around the corner and the money from winter jobs running low, many college students are forced to be picky with what they spend their money on and how often they go out to eat.


An awesome way to save a couple dollars while still going out to eat at Chipotle is ordering a veggie burrito, bowl, or tacos. The veggie option at Chipotle costs the same amount as chicken, only with the amazing perk of including free guacamole as an option.

Although this deal does not apply to the tofu option (sofritas), you can still get guacamole free with anything else on the menu that does not contain meat. I personally go for the grilled veggies and black beans.

Choosing veggie at Chipotle is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment, your health, and animals.

Animal agriculture contributes to greenhouse gas emissions more than the entire transportation sector. Further, the intense confinement of animals in factory farms not only raises ethical and animal welfare concerns, but consuming animal products also increases your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and obesity especially when animals were raised in bad conditions (99% of animal products come from factory farm operations).

By skipping meat, you can make a massive impact on theenvironment, as well as your health in the long run.