How to Not Let a Halloween Party Turn Into a Nightmare

October has almost come and gone; and Halloween is right around the corner. I know with Halloween comes plenty of Halloween parties.

I’m sure many of you have attended a party or two throughout your college career however, I know there are also several individuals who haven’t adjusted to the party scene, so today I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to have a good time at these fun festivities without compromising what is most important, your safety.

  • BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! I cannot stress that enough. So, whether you’re just arriving at the party or you’ve been there for a while, if the “vibe” is off, or you feel uncomfortable about anything that is taking place, LEAVE! Leave with who you came with and if your friends decide they want to stay despite what you’ve brought to their attention, call an Uber or someone you trust to come pick you up if you didn't drive.


  • There is power in numbers. Its better to attend parties in groups or at least with one friend you trust. When you attend a party, it’s always beneficial to have people looking out for you. If you plan on consuming alcohol at a party, you should have a friend with you so there is way less opportunities for someone take advantage of you while being under the influence if you have a little too much to drink (i.e. stealing your belongings, sexual assault, etc.)


  • Avoid foolishness!  I know it might be natural for a lot of people to be nosey when drama is going on; however, if you see a fight taking place, or a bunch of commotion beginning, LEAVE! I say this from experience. A bunch of foolishness can turn fatal in a matter of seconds and innocent bystanders who aren’t even involved can be hurt or worse.


  • Make sure you know your limits! Whether you have a designated driver (D.D.) for the night or not, DO NOT get blackout drunk at parties. When you get blackout drunk, at that point you are unable to be aware of your surroundings, and you have completely compromised your safety! In addition to compromising your safety, getting sloppy drunk in front of a bunch of people you don’t know is not cute and could potentially ruin your reputation.


  • Once you put a drink down its no longer your drink! Someone can easily slip a drug into your drink to either try to harm you or slip something into your drink even as some type of joke (which isn’t funny). So, remember if you put your drink down its history, treat it like an old boyfriend you hate and go get another one.


  • Fix your own drinks! Or better yet bring your own drinks that way you know what you’re drinking is safe. Unless, there is a professional bartender at the event only you should be fixing your drinks.   


  • Always try to keep a little cash on you. You never know what you might get into during a night out with friends, so its always great to have some cash on you just in case. Also, say your D.D. decides they want to get lit too, well if all your friends have been drinking, none of you are able to drive; having cash can be a quick fix so you can either call an Uber or a cab to get everyone home safely.


  •  Make sure your cell phone is charged up before you leave the house.  Its always nice to have your cell phone just in case you get separated from your friends in the party.

I know you all may view these tips as being a little extra but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Hope you have a happy Halloween!