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Hixtape Finally Dropped & It’s Amazing

A mixtape review.

BTS’s (Bangtan Boys) j-hope, released his first solo mixtape on March 1st, 2018. J-hope is the main dancer and a part of the best K-pop rap line right now. His long-awaited mix tape titled Hope World is a funky, refreshing look into the world of Hobi himself.

 Hope World has seven songs:

1. “Hope World

2. “P.O.P (Piece of Peace) Pt.1

3. “Daydream

4. “Base Line

5. “(HANGSANG) Feat. Supreme Boi

6. “Airplane

7. “Blue Side (Outro)

His song, “Hope World”, is a funky cousin to BTS’ “Blood, Sweat and Tears.” Now I’m not saying the two songs are super similar, to me, they have the same energy in the chorus. “Hope World” is a great song to start off the mixtape. It’s a fun introduction to who J-hope is and how his perception of the world is very positive.

“P.O.P” is more of a classic ‘pop’ song with rapping versus. I can see this song becoming an underrated favorite of his mixtape because I haven’t seen much hype over it, yet.

Daydream” has a music video out now on YouTube and quickly became the star of this mixtape. As with most of these songs, its upbeat, and utilizes many different instruments to deliver a funky, happy and ever-changing rhythm.

“Baseline” is a short upbeat song where K-pop meets hip-hop. Twitter users emphasized his voice dropping during the song being amazing in its own right. I am here to say, I agree.

“HANGSANG” is a more ‘hardcore’ version of Baseline. I use ‘hardcore’ very loosely, because compared to American hip-hop, “HANGSANG” is soft. I just see it as being j-hope’s version of hip-hop, and it’s GOOD. So, that’s all that matters. This is a type of song you can blast in your car on the way to a party at New Zoo.

“Airplane” is pretty much a slow, calming ‘good vibes only’ type of song. It blossoms more towards the end, but overall it’s a good chill song to relax to, while still sticking to your K-pop only regime.

“Blue Side” is a great end to a very uplifting mixtape. Going with the same vibe as “Airplane”, the outro speaks to listeners on a calm and chill level.

Overall, I give this mixtape a 10/10. There’s so much emotion and great usage of instruments anyone can tell how hard he’s been working, and he’s been working on this for YEARS. Thank you for letting us into your world, j-hope.

Amalia Parran is a senior at Salisbury University. She is Co-Correspondant for Her Campus Salisbury. She loves to learn about other cultures, and how they differ from her own. Currently, she spends her free time watching anime and volunteering at the Wicomico Humane Society. After she graduates, she hopes to work for a marketing company in the DMV area.
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