Givling: The App That Gives Back

(All photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Briselli, unless otherwise noted.)

If you’re like me, the thought of paying student loans back after graduation is stressful. I have an education but it also means I have something else to worry about – something that can greatly impact the rest of my life and the opportunities I’ll have.

Last year, my aunt introduced me to the app Givling. Her message essentially read, “Download this app; it’ll pay your students loans!” Of course I was interested – and skeptical. Was this just another scam to steal rather than give money? It was time for me to investigate, and it turned out to be legitimate.

How Does It Work?

It’s actually pretty simple! Every day, you get two free games of trivia that ask randomly generated questions varying in points and difficulty.

You’re given three strikes before your game ends. At the end of the game, your score is paired with two other player’s scores and you’re given a team score. If you’re on the team with the highest score at the end of a set time frame, the three of you will win a cash prize.

After your daily free plays have been used a Givling coin is required. They only cost 50 cents, however only certain states can buy coins based on their gambling laws. For non-coin states, such as the one I live in, coins can be earned in other ways such as by challenging other players.


But Where Does the Money Come From?

Consider other crowdfunding sites like Go Fund Me, with raising money. The money players put into the game – by buying coins, merchandise, and watching ads goes back into the game. Unlike other sites, 90% of what is raised ends up back in the game, with only 10% going to Givling to help with operation costs.


So What About My Loan?

In order to have your loan paid off (up to $50,000), you have to get to the top of the queue – in essence the beginning of the line. To do this, you have to collect queue points which are earned by watching ads, playing your free plays, participating in sponsorship opportunities, buying from the Givling store, or meeting group goals.

This does not mean that the queue works by paying people based on the order they started playing, but rather on who has the most points. The more you interact with the app, the more opportunities you’ll have to move up in the queue.


What If I Don’t Have a Student Loan?

If you don’t have student loans, you can still play the trivia games and try to earn the trivia prize that way.

Additionally, if you have a mortgage the $50,000 can be used for that too! Plus, earning queue points helps other people pay off their loans.


How Many Loans Have Been Paid Off?

As of today, 28 loans have been paid off, with a total of $1,551,312 having been paid out for loans and trivia prizes.

How Do I Start?

To play, you must download the app and use someone’s invite code. If you don’t know anyone with the app my Givling code is KB940688!


If you’re interested in playing trivia and paying off your loans, I recommend downloading Givling. Players are so supportive of each other – especially when loans are paid off and another person’s life has been changed. If you want to have the chance to pay off your loans for free and be part of a great community, Givling is the place for you!