Finals Week

Sadly, it's that time of year again and for those who would rather get some VERY much needed TLC than live in the library during finals are out of luck. Besides, who would want to go to class when it’s a perfect beach day. However, these are one of many dilemmas us college students face during this time of the year. So here are a few survival tips that will help you get through finals with your sanity in-tact. 

1. Check Your Calendar Regularly: I know this is cliché, but due dates are closer than they appear. Besides who wants to find out they have an exam the night before.

2. Maintain Balance: No one wants to spend hours upon hours doing work. This is why its important to include something called “me time” in your schedule.

3. Study, Study, Study: Final exams are like a test on steroids. They tend to have a lot of essay questions along with an unreasonable amount of multiple choice. This is why it is important to start preparing early for the exam by studying ahead of time.

4. Stock Up On Snacks: Although we like to believe we will always have time to eat, the truth is we won’t during finals. This is why it’s important to make that Walmart/target run asap. Besides, who can focus while ‘hangry’. 

5. Stay calm: It may be the end of the semester but its not the end of the world so please remain calm. Finals will be over soon, I promise…