Downtown ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us... Oh Wait, it is

If you find yourself bored in the Salisbury area, take a trip downtown.  Downtown Salisbury is like one of the cute towns in Hallmark movies with musical performances on the weekends and cute eateries.

Every day of the week, Downtown Salisbury has events where community members of all ages can do arts and crafts, listen and perform live music, participate in seasonal activities, and act to promote change in the community.

It is a great place to network with Salisbury businesses and organizations because downtown is a melting pot for all interests. You can travel by car, with a friend, or by trolley which has a schedule for running times on the Downtown Salisbury website.

Downtown Salisbury has everything you could need plus some. If you are still skeptical about traveling downtown, hopefully my experience will convince you to consider traveling.


The first time I traveled downtown was last spring semester with a class for an assignment. We were assigned to participate in an event called Third Friday where businesses and organizations get together and promote themselves along a strip of other businesses.

We had to talk about a project that we were planning to see if the community would be willing to support us. Professors and community members shared their causes and invited us to share our cause. After talking to a mass of people, we made connections with political and cultural organizations that cared about our cause.

After the event, my classmates and I stumbled upon an open mic event for the Fenix Youth Project. Community members came to the event to sing, recite poetry, and play music. The atmosphere was full of joy and people from all religions, cultures, and ethnicities felt welcomed to share a piece of themselves with the community.

That event made me more connected to the Salisbury community than I would have imagined. If I had not gone downtown for that event, I probably would not be as proud to go to Salisbury University as I am now.