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The Downfall of Gullfest 2017

Music, who doesn’t love music?

 At Salisbury University, there is an annual music event called Gullfest which is a concert. Gullfest usually happens during the spring semester of the school year right before the finals come around and when the weather is amazing and nice. It is called Gullfest because the mascot for Salisbury University is a seagull, they usually go by the Gulls.

As the school organization SOAP (Student Organization for Activity Planning) does all the behind the scenes hard work, they have to go through the process with the school. The process for Gullfest is harder than students would think. The process begins at the beginning of that school year and everything is usually done by the spring semester, which is the middle of the school year.

This year for the 2017 Gullfest concert, it was chosen who was supposed to come. Maryland’s very own Logic. He is an upcoming rapper who many people know and many more people are beginning to love him.

Logic is from the Montgomery County area of Maryland. Before the Gullfest reveal party happened, the school committee gave hints to the school. There was a playlist of the artist in which every week some artists would be off the list.

One hint was the Maryland flag and many students, especially those from the Montgomery County area like myself, just knew that it would be Logic. Multiple students could not wait for the reveal party and to be told that Logic would be coming to Salisbury University for Gullfest.

But then it happened, what nobody expected to happen. Logic and/or his agent contacted the SOAP committee (TWO days before the Gullfest reveal party) and turned down the opportunity even though papers were signed and everything was official. Logic apparently wants to focus on his new and upcoming album that is supposed to be released later in 2017.

When the news was told at the Gullfest reveal party, about 75% of the students there were highly upset. Many students faces dropped and some students even walked out. Nobody truly wanted to hear who was now coming to Gullfest.

Many students, even students that were not at the reveal party, wanted to find a way to make Logic change his mind.

Hopefully, he will and he will perform at Gullfest.

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