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Mold, overflowing trash cans, annoying rodents, peeled paint, excessively runny eggs, and mountains of dust are usually what comes to mind when people think of Motel 6’s, however for some its actually their college dorms and cafeterias.

In fact, “toughing it out” as a college student has become an age old saying. Most of us get the rundown right before we are about to leave for college: “Make sure you bring shower shoes,” “Wash your hands,” “Take Lysol,” “Don’t eat the cafeteria food,” etc.

I, myself got the infamous rundown from friends and family right before going off to college. However, you’d think some things wouldn’t stay the same for so long. It’s 2018 for crying out loud!! Even still, some things have yet to change. Luckily, I have come to save the day with a few survival tips that are sure to help!!

1. Bring your own Tumbler cup with straw.

Although many places have straws to drink from, some cafeterias don’t which means you will have to drink after someone else and there is no guarantee that the cup you are drinking out of is clean. This is why bringing your own will insure that you won’t have to take any chances.

2. Clean up after yourself.

Many rodents as well as insects are attracted to the food we eat via the smell. However, cleaning up after yourself, especially after you eat, will help to keep the pest away.

3. Wear shower shoes.

Although this is a popular cliché, bacteria does live everywhere… including the shower. Often times, our bathroom shower can get dirty especially if multiple people are using it, which is why shower shoes are a must have.

4. If something doesn’t look right, don’t eat it!

Many undercooked foods such as eggs, salmon, and meats have the ability to make us sick. In addition to this, some foods become moldy because they have been sitting in storage or in a cafeteria for a period of time. Mold can also make us sick which is why you should keep an eye out for it. If something doesn’t look or taste the way it should, you should opt for something else.

I'm Kyra Wilkins who is a freshmen majoring in communications and an aspiring journalist. I am able to explore my creative side through writing. I am excited to be able to be a voice for others.
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