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Cuz I Love You: The Album Everyone Needs

I’m forever trying to keep up with trends. Whether it’s music or fashion, I always seem to be a bit behind. I recently was re-introduced to the singer Lizzo after she popped up on my recommended list on Apple Music (that I only just got despite having an iPhone since high school).

Let me tell you, I have not shut up about this album since I listened to it. There’s so much to discuss in terms of both lyrics and music, but I’ve decided to keep it simple and just go over a few of my favorites, but be sure to listen to the whole thing because they’re worth it. If you’re looking for songs that are brutally honest, very hilarious, and thoughtfully made Cuz I Love You is for you.


1. “Cuz I Love You”

From the first line of this song (which is first on the track) I knew this album was going to be amazing. Lizzo talks about her glow up from someone who thought they’d never be really with someone to someone that’s fallen in love in the most humorous ways.

Best Line: “Never been in love before. What the fuck are fucking feelings yo? Once upon a time, I was hoe. I don’t even wanna hoe no mo.”



2. “Like a Girl”

Another banger right here. This one is all about being a bad bitch, and breaking down femininity. However you choose to use (or not) use your femininity is up to you, and you get to decide what makes you “like a girl.”

Best Line: “I work my femininity, I make these boys get on their knees.”


3. “Cry Baby”

I think this is another one that is pretty relatable. It’s hard to feel so strongly for someone that doesn’t put in the same amount of effort for you.

Best Line: “You should feel honored, boy. Uh, you got me feelin’ this much.”


4. “Tempo”

This one is a little bit different from others on the album but equally great! For starters, you’ve got Missy Elliott featured on the track and then you’ve got the two singing about plus size women having and enjoying sex.

Best Line: “He look like he could gain a little weight. Lick the icing of, put the rest in your face.”


5. “Soulmate”

The hits just never really stop with this album. This one is another story about her going from someone that worried about trying to be someone that men desired, to loving herself and realizing she’s her own soulmate.

Best Line: “Yeah, the old me use to love a Gemini. Like a threesome fuckin’ with him every night” and “True love ain’t something you can buy yourself. True love finally happens when you by yourself.”


6. “Heaven Help Me”

This one is all about how love can make you a little bit crazy sometimes and sometimes it’s better not to be together. Lizzo compares being in love to being hooked on drugs because of how it makes you feel about someone else.

Best Line: “If you think you’ve got me dicknotized, I need to get you out of my life, can I get an amen?”


7. “Lingerie”

Undoubtedly the most sensual song on the album, Lizzo explores her sexuality with this song. Very clear and direct, “Lingerie” is all about being ready for her partner to come spend some time together in the most intimate way possible. 

Best Line: “So thick. So fit. Wanna put your lips in place. The Sun don’t shine there. I like that, right there.” 



Kaitlyn Briselli

Salisbury '19

Kaitlyn is a 2019 graduate from Salisbury University. She received three Bachelor's degrees for Media Production, Linguistics, and Communications. She additonally double-minored in History as well as Gender and Sexuality Studies. As a writer she prefers to challenge herself with pieces that are painful and brutually honest, to herself and to others. She was recently accepted to the Maryland Institute College of Art in their Master's Filmmaking program. As an adult she would like to direct horror films.  She/Her/Hers 
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