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Craze: Kim Kardashian’s New App!

If you haven’t seen Kim’s new app, you need to get out more.

Craze and Kim Kardashian teamed up to make the perfect shopping app!

Here’s how it works:

1. Take a screenshot from anywhere (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), or use a favored picture.

2. Open the Screenshop app where the most recent screenshots will pop up.

3. When you tap the picture, the app scans all clothing, jewelry, and accessories to find similar clothes to the style that you like.

4. After you tap on a product, it sends you to the direct link to purchase the product!

It’s as simple as that!

It has never been easier to find cute clothes from your timeline!

The app is convenient but sometimes it is inaccurate. I tried to search some flats, and the results showed me Vans shoes.

Screenshop is a mixture of high end and affordable websites. Thank God, because I am not a billionaire like Kim. The app features sites like Forever 21 and Boohoo (two favorites) that us regular people can afford.

All in all, the app has a lot of potential to make you into the Instagram baddie you aspire to be.


Especially since it is so hard to find the cute clothes Instagram models wear, it’s great because you’ll never have to ask someone where they got something from again! Download this app and be ahead of the game. 

I am a junior majoring in Human Communications, minoring in Market Management.
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