Conquer the Cold With Skincare

The cold, frigid weather has begun to make its way into town. The cooler weather doesn’t only mean it’s time to make a few changes to our wardrobe but to the products we use on our skin as well.

It’s important to change some of the products in your skin routine when the weather changes because the weather causes changes in your skin. Cold weather often dries the skin out which can cause it to be dry, cracked, irritated, raw, and uncomfortable. 

When your skin is cracked and irritated, it can cause it to be more susceptible to breakouts! In addition to being uncomfortable and more susceptible to breakouts, you just don’t feel your best when your skin isn’t in good condition. Today I’m going to suggest a few products you might want to try to make your skin less vulnerable to the cold weather.


  • Shea butter: an all-natural moisturizer that’s thick and can conquer even the driest skin types. In addition to soothing dry skin shea butter also helps with scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and is a natural sunscreen. Invest in raw shea butter if you can.
  • A & D Ointment: a super thick skin protectant that contains vitamins A and D. This skin protectant adds the extra nutrients your skin may be lacking in the winter time.
  • Gold Bond Eczema Relief: a great skin moisturizer that contains oatmeal and several emollients that can calm eczema, irritation, and get rid of dry patches. (You don’t have to have eczema to benefit from this product.)