College Dating Tips

A lot of people date in college. It’s bound to happen, but the difficult part isn’t necessarily getting a significant other, it’s making the relationship last. I’ve been in four serious relationships in my life, two being in college, and though I’m not a love expert, I like to think I have some important knowledge on the topic.

Here are my tips for college relationships!


1. Always be Honest

Though this tip might seem obvious, lack of trust is one of the top reasons why relationships end. Being in a relationship is sharing your inner most feelings with another person who is sharing their inner most feelings with you. If someone cannot be completely honest in a relationship, it will end negatively.


2. Get Comfortable

I haven’t been completely comfortable in a relationship for years. It’s taken until now for me to even realize what that feels like. Which is sad and rewarding all at the same time. It’s okay to have a breakdown around your significant other, and it’s okay to be gassy around them too. However you define being ‘comfortable’ is how you should feel with that person.

You shouldn't feel pressured and you should be able to take whatever time you need to reach that ‘comfortable’ stage. If your lover can’t handle you at your most venerable, they probably aren’t for you, sis.


3. Humor is IMPORTANT

Humor, to me, is one of the most important aspects of being in a relationship. I mean, Who doesn't like to laugh? Keep the laughter going, it keeps the relationship fresh and new. It will also keep you in a happier mood when school becomes too stressful.


4. Do not spend all your time together

I learned this the hard way. Spending every day and night together is cute in theory, but then you’ll have little to no time for yourself. College is about finding yourself and becoming who you want to be, you shouldn't spend every second of it with one person who should be finding themselves as well.

By being with just that other person, you miss out on friendships and potential networking opportunities.


5. Don't date during your first two years

Almost everyone I know who was in a relationship during their Freshman and/or Sophomore year is now single or with a different person. It's better to be single during this time of your life because you're adapting to a new place. College is a scary, exciting new land where the friendship possibilities are endless. If you are dating someone who isn't comfortable with you being around the opposite sex, (or same sex) then it will be harder fo you to make friends. Your first years should be full of fun and friends, not marriage preparation.  


Take these tips as loosely as you can. The ultimate goal in college is to graduate, do not put your significant other in front of your responsibilities. BUT dating is a fun part of life, get the most out of it!