Career Services Host Interviewing for Introverts Workshop

If you are an introvert like me, you most likely dread more than anything the interview process that comes with trying to get a job or internship. This past week, I attended the Interviewing for Introverts workshop put together by Salisbury University’s Career Services designed to help introverts prepare for and master the interview process.

The first half of the workshop focused on what is means to be an introvert. Usually, the term introvert holds a negative connotation when in actuality there are a number of great attributes that can be associated with it. Introverts are usually: good at building one on one connections, excellent listeners, observant, creative, better thinkers, and patient. These attributes can be used to answer the popular, “What are your strengths?” question that everyone seems to hesitate on.

When interviewing as an introvert preparation is a major key! The last half of the workshop shared seven tips that will help ease the anticipation of interviewing.

Tip 1: Study

•   Find what impresses you about the company

•   Don’t forget to do the obvious… like reading the job description!

Tip 2: Go to every interview you can. (Even the for the jobs you don’t care for)

•   A little extra practice won’t hurt. Making mistakes during interviews for jobs that aren’t necessarily on the top of your list will act as a learning experience to better prepare you for the jobs that are.

Tip 3: Highlight your strengths

Tip 4: Check your appearance

•   Looking great will boost your confidence tremendously!

Tip 5: Apply for jobs well suited for introverts

•   Pick jobs that will highlight your strengths

Tip 6: Remember to make eye contact

•   Long periods of eye contact is awkward for everyone, remember to scan the room at appropriate times if a group of people are interviewing you. If the interview is one on one then remember that it just has to be done, no matter how much you hate it.

Tip 7: Schedule alone time

•   Take some time to regroup and recharge! Especially if you find yourself having back to back interviews.


To learn more about/get an in-depth analysis of your personality type you can schedule an appointment with the Career Services to meet with Myers Briggs certified members who can help click

You can also find a list of interview questions here that will help you get prepared for your future job/internship interviews.