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In a conversation with my mother, we talked about water stations and the roles that we play in the environment. This conversation came out of a reading that I did for class that talked about inverted quarantine.

One of the topics of the article was the effectiveness of plastic water bottles to avoid drinking toxins in the water that comes out of the faucets. The reading claimed that the actions that people take to avoid toxins could lead to intaking more toxins.

We began talking about the solutions for avoiding toxins from water and one of those solutions was refilling water bottles. As we continued talking about refilling water bottles, we noticed that there aren’t that many water stations in the community where I’m from.

Refilling water at water stations seems like a quick fix to avoiding toxins from water, but water stations are not available everywhere. I live in Charles County and one of the only places where I know I can find a water station is at my local library.

I do not see water stations in local business buildings nor do I see them in the mall or other large-scale buildings that many people use.

Unlike at university, I cannot walk into any building and find a water station with purified water that is ready for anyone to fill a bottle. This is a problem because those who want to avoid toxins from water would have to work harder to find a place to fill their reusable water bottles.

Those who do not think about the toxins in water but want to refill bottles to save money from water consumption will also have to work harder to find a water station.

I propose that more businesses all over Charles County, all over Maryland, all over the United States place water stations for consumers to use.

Morgan McGlone-Smith is a student at Salisbury University who plans to graduate Spring 2020. She is an English Rhetoric and Composition major who has minors in Conflict Resolution and Social Justice. Morgan values expression, learning new skills, and hugs. Morgan is excited to share aspects of her voice with other members of the HerCampus community!
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