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BTS Urges Youth to Love Themselves at United Nations General Assembly

(Photo courtesy of AFP.)

Korean pop global group BTS, has not only caught the world’s attention because of their catchy music and entertaining dance performances, they’ve also been spreading positive messages of self love among the youth of our generation.

As active leaders of today’s youth with a massive following on the word stage, they were invited to speak at the 2018 United Nations Youth Assembly.

The UN Youth Assembly is a platform created by Friendship Ambassadors Foundation to discuss and form partnerships between exceptional youth, civil society, the private sector and the United Nations.

BTS’ speech was given by the group’s leader, Kim Nam-joon, also known as Rap Monster (RM).

In the speech, RM asks the question, “What is your name?” urging people to think about what their purpose is, what excites them and makes their heartbeat. He encourages people to not only know and love themselves, this being the conclusion of their Love Yourself album series, but to also speak for themselves.

(Photo courtesy of AFP.)

BTS’ discography includes songs that tackle social issues such as depression, anxiety, self love as well as Korean political issues. The group, often included in their own song writing process, is very open in discussing such issues.

Aside from their music, BTS’ fandom name, ARMY, has deep meaning in spreading the voice of the youth. First, by being an abbreviated form of Adorable Representative MC for Youth, which labels the fans as youth representatives and second, by being the people who protect and stand beside BTS as they conquer the world, like a literal army.

With support from their fans, BTS’ message of self discovery and love is resonating in several countries around the world. They strive to make sure that the voices of the youth are heard.

RM says it clearly, “I want to hear your voice; I want to hear your conviction. No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, your gender identity, just speak yourself.”

(Photo courtesy of AFP.)


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