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The Best Website to Visit When Searching for a New Job or Internship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Salisbury chapter.

Have you ever heard of Our First Job Search? No? Me either, until I stumbled across this relatable website while taking my content creation class. When working on this website as an assignment I realized how valuable it really is to myself and other students and businesses. This new website was created by college students, faculty, alumni, and experts within various fields.


Ourfirstjobsearch.com shows a unique and fresh perspective on job tips varying from “Five Ways to Outsmart the System when Applying for Jobs” to “Work it! An Introvert’s Guide to Interviews and Networking.” Each job tip is written by students and faculty that have been in your shoes and know exactly what it is like to be under the overwhelming pressures of searching for jobs and internships. Also, If you want more of a strategic guide to help you through your journey, there is a FREE Six-Step eBook on the website that is very user friendly and contains great resources.   


I have learned to love and appreciate the amount of work that myself and my fellow students have put into this site and want to share the wealth by include my Her Campus community to visit the site! Check the site out below. Don’t forget to comment! The more comments and feedback you leave me, the better content I put out!

Here is a link to my blog on how to research your dream company. Let me know what you think in the comments of the blog.


Kenya McLean is a junior and a marketing major at Salisbury University. She plans to graduate in the class of 2020 and loves helping out her campus community.
Nadia Williams is a senior studying Political Science, Communications and French at Salisbury University. She enjoys writing about policy, media and culture. She hopes to use journalism as a tool to empower others to play an active role in their communities.