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Award-winning SU vocalists gather for night of vocal performance Friday

In a room filled with people of all ages, chatter could be heard bouncing off the walls.

As the soft, joyous keys of the piano begin to play, the lights dim and voices simmer down to a hush.

The atmosphere is light and patient as the audience waits for the beginning act of the night. Eyes glued to the front in anticipation.

Heads quickly turn to glance at the back of the room when a booming yet soothing voice is heard.

The hall is soon filled with melodic lyrics and laughter.

“Hope you enjoy the night,” said the performer, as the vocal number slows to a halt.

The cheers from the crowd echoed through the Holloway Great Hall and reflected the mood of Salisbury University’s Singers’ Showcase.


Vocalists from SU’s Music, Theatre and Dance Department presented a night of opera, art songs and broadway favorites on Friday.

Singers’ Showcase is an annual event that has been going on for about 11 years.

The event was created and put together by Artistic Director John Wright. Wright said the show is a great way to explore different musical genres and focus on the process of collaborating with a pianist.

“It just flows,” Wright said. “It flows and you see your vision.”


Lance Fisher, one of the performers, is a senior music-vocal performance major who is active in the local a cappella and barbershop quartet scene as an arranger and director.

Fisher said although the process is stressful like that of a midterm, he loves performing at Singers’ Showcase and is happy the show went well.

“I put my heart and soul into all the songs,” Fisher said. “It is such an emotional feeling. A feeling of relief.”


Patrick Gover, a junior double majoring in music and theatre, agreed with Fisher. He said the showcase was fun and he had a good time.

“It was like a painting, all music genres intertwining,” Gover said.


Among the many college students who performed, one girl was not accustomed to the college scene.

Lillian Wilcox, 12, is a homeschooled student. She said she enjoys theatre and feels extremely honored to be included in the showcase.

“I was a little scared but I also felt mature,” Lillian said. “I felt really happy.”


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