Apartment Life at Salisbury U

When the school year is coming to an end, one of the number one questions you ask yourself is, “Where do I want to live next year?” or maybe, “Do I want to renew my lease?” Here at Salisbury University, there are quite a few living communities to choose from. There are so many opinions that make coming to a final conclusion just a little more difficult.

Due to my never ending indecisiveness, I have lived in a couple different places and have spent a lot of time visiting friends in others that I have collected some information that I think will be useful and helpful in your quest to find the perfect place for you.

Like I mentioned before there are a lot of places to live here. The most popular options are Seagull Square, University Park, University Orchard, and University Village so those are the four I will be reviewing.

  • University Park – I lived here for two years in the 4x2 apartment.

    • Pro- Close to campus, less than 8-minute walk. So if you miss the shuttle it’s not too bad.

    • Pro-The clubhouse has a nice study area and also unlimited fountain drinks.

    • Pro-Recently upgraded to stainless steel appliances.

    • Pro-Maintenance gets things done in a timely manner.

    • Con-There room sizes differ drastically. Room A is literally double the size of Room B.

    • Con-There is mold all over the bathroom walls and is usually covered up before new tenants move in, however, it starts to show up again within weeks.

    • Extra Note: University Park has RA’s so that can be a pro or a con depending on who you are.

  • University Orchard- I currently live here now.

    • Pro- Beautiful apartments and community.

    • Pro- Has a dog park for people with pets.

    • Pro- If you follow their social media they have super awesome giveaways.

    • Pro- They have 4x4 and 2x2 apartment styles so you get privacy.

    • Con-Maintenance is pretty slow.

    • Con-Once the hype ends you will notice you’re paying way too much.

    • Con-If you aren’t a dog lover, these probs isn’t the place for you.

    • Con- a lot of hidden fees. READ YOUR LEASE!

    • Con- Roughly a 15-minute walk from campus.

  • University Village – My sister lived here for 3 years and I visited her often.

    • Pro- The cheapest option rent wise.

    • Pro- Newly renovated so the apartments look very nice.

    • Pro-All apartments are 4x4 so once again, you get privacy.

    • Pro-The clubhouse has a mini theatre.

    • Con- The furthest from campus.

    • Con-The walk to or from campus is not the safest at night.

    • Con-SU Students are not the only tenants.

  • Seagull Square- I’ve had many friends who have lived here.

    • Pro- Its on-campus, so that’s an obvious plus.

    • Pro- Lots of study areas around the building.

    • Con- The cost is included in the tuition, so you don’t get an option to break up the payments.

    • Con-The rooms are relatively small.

    • Con- The majority of the layouts are 4x2.

    • Extra note: Seagull Square has RA’s.


These are some things I think are important to have in mind when trying to finalize you living arrangements for the next year. I hope this list gets you one step closer to making a decision.