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American Horror Story is Back Better Than Ever SPOILER ALERT

Politics, creepy clowns and trypophobia fill the premiere of AHS:Cult [SPOILERS AHEAD]

The 7th season of American Horror Story has taken on a new breed of terrifying. The episode premiered on September 5th tackling real life horrors. The opening credits displayed a montage of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton clips during the intense 2016 presidential election.

We witness intense reactions from both sides of the poll as the results are announced. Ally, an anxious suburban woman weeps and screams loudly as she realizes Trump has become her president. Meanwhile Kai Anderson yells in excitement and humps his television before covering his face in Cheeto dust, the show’s way of mocking Trump’s orange complexion. In the first episode Ally has proven to be an extremely paranoid and emotionally unwell women.

The thought of having Trump as president makes her anxious and hopeless. It’s also evident that Kai is an evil person who hopes Trump’s win will grant him immense power. Ally and Kai represent the extreme behaviors of liberals and conservatives.

Most won’t forget the onslaught of clown sightings that petrified most of the United States last year. Ally’s visions of demented clowns, drives her to insanity. Or so her wife and therapist think. Later episodes will reveal whether these figures are real or imaginary. What better way to make a show frightening than to incorporate events viewers have lived through?

            Fans have expressed their annoyance over the show’s use of trypophobic images. The fear of tiny holes can cause discomfort and queasiness among sufferers. Ally has this disorder so we will likely see more of these images. This is unfortunate for fans that are affected but it’s a sacrifice we’ll have to make. 

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