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6 Activities to Endure During Spring Break College Edition

Spring Break is a much needed break for anyone. It helps you take time to relax and get your thoughts together for the period that you’re going to have to work or go to school before summer break comes. There are tons of activities to make your break of 2017 memorable.

  1. Travel Abroad: Spring Break is a great time to travel abroad. A trip like this especially after midterms will be such a fulfilling experience and help take your mind off of the things causing you stress. It will also help you view the world in such a different way then you are used to. With different customs, traditions, daily routines and new adventures, there is no way that you will remember your spring break being boring.
  2. Take a Trip to the Spa: If you are unable to take a long vacation, a brief day treatment at the spa is sure to help you unwind the things causing you stress. Spa’s offer many different packages and stress-relieving activities such as sauna treatments, mud baths, hot stone massages and many more. These will allow you to not only clear your mind but also relieve the tension from your body. It is important to focus on relaxing your mind and body because they can negatively influence each other. 
  3. Reconnect with Old Friends: As a college student, sometimes your funds may be low if you haven’t worked during the semester and there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend your money wisely or not spend it at all. Maybe you would just prefer an evening of laughter, stories and good company during spring break. You should catch up with friends. You can make the decision to go out watch movies, grab dinner, etc. or decide to stay in but it is important to reconnect with your friends. These are most likely people you haven’t seen in a while due to distance, busy schedules or because of a different reason. However, if you plan to maintain these friendships, it is wise to put effort into the things you want to keep.
  4. Redecorate your Room: Sometimes it is difficult for us to feel motivated because we get into a set routine and it starts to feel as if the days blur together. To combat this it is important to change the things that will bring you the joy that you’re currently not getting. A change in scenery is a good start. Why not redecorate your room?  You could give your room a complete makeover and change it into something that more reflects the person you are now. Maybe you just want to spice up your room a bit. Add paintings on the wall, fake plant for ambiance, or string lights that provide you with a cool mood when you want dim lighting. Maybe adding a rug or switching comforters and pillows will help you to de-stress during spring break. There’s no harm in trying.
  5. Work: If you are one of those people who have summer, winter and spring break jobs, why not call your employer ahead of time to put yourself on the schedule during your spring break. There is not a lot of time for you to make the cash but that is more than you would have had in your pocket if you hadn’t have worked. Just scooping up a few extra hours can’t hurt. Maybe the cash you make over spring break will get you through the rest of the semester or maybe it can go to the summer activities that you have planned. Either way, make sure you take advantage of money-making opportunities such as having a job over spring break.
  6. Grant Yourself “Me Time”: Sometimes we spend so much time on others and not enough time on ourselves. It’s a good idea to try and reconnect with yourself, even if it’s just to make sure that you are still feeling like yourself. It’s challenging when you have other priorities, you can often forget that you are your biggest priority. Spring Break may be the vacation you need from the social world. Maybe cut back on how frequent you use social media and instead read a book. Starting a workout plan, a healthy food challenge or prayer journey can help you come back feeling rejuvenated and like a better version of yourself. Take the time to put effort into the things that you love, including yourself!
Nia Avery


Nia Avery is a driven twenty-one year old who aspires to make a difference by having a positive impact on at least one person, every day. In high school, she was enrolled in a rigorous program called The International Baccalaureate Program. This is where Nia first learned that she had a love for writing however, her skills did not fully develop until she started writing and performing poetry during her last two years of high school. When she started attending Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland, she decided to bring her poetry to campus. At SU, she is in her senior year, majoring in Communication Arts and minoring in English. She is also proud to be a third-year Resident Assistant is making strides to ensure that students have a good experience during their time at SU. Nia plans to graduate from Salisbury University and continue her education by going to graduate school to earn her Master's degree in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution. When she has free time, she enjoys hosting movie nights with her friends, writing poems or burying her face in a book.  Her favorite quote is "Be yourself and let your actions reflect your true character," a quote she created during her freshman year of college that has been a motivator throughout her past four years.
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