5 Tips to Get Through School Without Old Friends

I was driving near campus over the summer when I had to pull over and text my friend. “Just made myself sad. Drove past where you always parked and realized I’ll never see your car there again. Hurt my own feelings.” Since I decided it would be a good idea to do a triple major and double minor, I was unable to graduate in the spring with most of my friends. Instead, I’ll be graduating a semester late.

Anyone whose ever felt left out or left behind can probably relate, but this big milestone that I didn’t get to celebrate with everyone else just hit me really hard.

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Here’s some tips on what to do if you’re about to be the last woman standing, or if that time has already come.

  1. 1. Realize That You Have Other Friends

    When I had the realization that some of my closest friends would be gone, it took me aback for a moment. How am I supposed to function without seeing these people all the time? What am I going to do? For me at least, I realized that there are still people around that I care about. People I like seeing in my classes, people I talk to at work, and more. These people can’t replace the friendships that aren’t here, but they still help. It’s important not to isolate yourself just because you feel alone, because let’s be honest, you’re really not.

  2. 2. Don't Panic

    When graduation day came I had mixed feelings of joy, embarrassment, envy, and even a bit of anger. It felt unfair that they were getting to do something that I so desperately wanted but couldn’t do. I hated myself a little bit for feeling this way, especially since I was so excited for them and the next steps in their lives. I think it’s important to tell your friends how you’re feeling, but also emphasize how happy you are for them. Let all the negative feelings slip away because it’ll be your turn eventually.

  3. 3. Make an Effort

    This tip should be applied to every part of your life. Being sad or angry will not help you in reaching your goals. Don’t be afraid to go out by yourself or with new people, make a point to talk to people in your classes. You never know what other friends you might make, or experiences you might get to have.

  4. 4. Reach Out

    Just because your friends have gone to graduate school or have started their professions doesn’t mean you can never talk again. There’s no reason why you can’t FaceTime your best friend or send a snap to them to say you’re thinking about them. Chances are they’re probably stressed with this transitional part of their lives and are missing you too. It might not be today, but you’ll get to see them again.

  5. 5. Stay Motivated

    Keep all of your goals at the forefront of your brain. Skipping class or feeling sorry for yourself isn’t helping you get any closer to graduation or the experiences that you desire. Graduation is much closer than you think, so it’s time to woman up and get to business.