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Why Spending Spring Break At Home Is Actually The Best


Spring break is just around the corner, granting us some much-needed time to unwind and blow off steam for an entire week. Some collegiettes will spend their week on a crowded beach somewhere, bronzing themselves in the hot sun and indulging in as many fruity drinks that their wallets allow. However, many of us choose to opt out of these overrated tourist traps and head to our thrilling hometowns with entertainment opportunities that blow Cancun and the Bahamas out of the water. Spending a day on the beach? No thanks! The sixth Harry Potter marathon of the year is on TV this week. Cruising around the Caribbean? Pass. I can get wilder stories from spending the week at my home gym. Swimming with dolphins? I’d rather spend my days staring at my ceiling fan, thank you. Spring breaking in your hometown is far more exciting than any trip money can buy!

But really, spending spring break at home can be an opportune time for us collegiettes to recharge our batteries and come back ready to conquer the second half of the semester. After working hard for weeks on end, we need some time to do absolutely nothing. Using all of our energy on a vacation can actually be counterproductive to our mental and physical health when we come back to school. In college, our schedules are jam-packed, we’re constantly on the move, and we barely have time for ourselves. We need “me” time so we’ll come back excited and motivated to finish the semester on a strong note. Spending spring break at home isn’t such a bad thing, in fact, I’d say it plays a crucial role in our success.

Sure, we’ll be overwhelmed with everyone’s pictures of their glamorous trips on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll probably have major FOMO and throw a self-pity party (or two) while everyone else is living it up on a beach somewhere. Instead of wallowing in social media-induced self pity, we should appreciate the time we have to truly relax and take time for ourselves in the comfort of our own homes. It might not seem exciting or fun, but spending break at home can be a time of much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Ashley Hovorka

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