Why I Love Being a Townie

I’ll admit it: staying in South Bend for college was pretty much the last thing I wanted for myself. For a few years I wanted to venture west, then I wanted to travel east, and I even, for a month or two, considered going south, but staying in my hometown? Not a chance.

Well, as fate would have it, here I am! Smack dab in the heart of my native city, my suburban college town with its wild football weekends and its quiet off-season days. Even though it’s a familiar setting, there are reasons that, despite my life-long wish to experience a new place, I love being an SMC townie!


1.     Seeing your family whenever you want to

Believe it or not, there are times when you could really use some well-spent time with family. I was sure that I would be perfectly fine without seeing them in person for a month or two, but a week into my stay here I was excited to hang out and chat with them about everything that I had experienced. Sure, you can call mom, dad, a sibling, or any other relative of your choice to talk, but nothing is better than an in-person conversation with them!

2. Not traveling a great distance to get home

Whether you forgot something, you need a familiar setting, or you just want to hang out with your pet for awhile, it doesn’t take long to make it back home again. Other perks would include: not having to make travel plans for breaks, having access to a home cooked meal, and having a comfy place nearby to crash for a night if you needed to!

3. Being familiar with your surroundings

Though I’m a fan of change, there’s something comfortable about knowing a lot about your location and what it has to offer. From my own experience, I’ve been able to suggest good restaurants, cafes, and even local businesses to others, some of which would never have been considered if they hadn’t been mentioned. In addition to this, knowing your way around town has never been a bad thing! If anything, going to college in your hometown will change your perspective on the very place you have lived your whole life; it’s probably more exciting than you once thought.

4. Being prepared for the local weather and climate

Yes, it gets cold here (very cold). If you’re coming to SMC from the south or west, you have some adjusting to do! It snows a ton, the windchill usually means more than the actual temperature, and the forecasts often change drastically at the drop of a hat. If you don’t know what lake effect snow is, you’re in for a treat. As a local, I’m accustomed to all of these extremes and have the appropriate clothing necessary to survive the winter! Pro tip: invest in a warm coat and some nice, cozy boots! You’re going to need them.

5. There’s no place like home!

Sometimes, a visit home is something you just need! Even though SMC is my home away from home, it’s nice to make the 20 minute trip back to my house and relax on my comfy sofa. There are familiar sights, sounds, and smells at home that relax you and get you feeling a little nostalgic; let’s face it, you probably miss it here! It’s nice not to have to deny yourself a trip home, even if just for the evening, and your family will probably be very happy to spend time with you (they miss you a lot, whether they show it or not)!

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