Why I Donate

In high school, I was incredibly shy. Like, never raised my hand, could barely say hi to people, avoided public speaking at all costs shy. Now that I'm a senior at SMC, though, people are always surprised to hear this, though. I always raise my hand in class (but I'm also kind of a Hermione Granger know it all), I always volunteer to go first in class presentations, I'm very outspoken about my opinions, and I always am saying hi to everyone on my way to class.

I have no doubt Saint Mary's changed me for the better and made me into my confident self. The confidence I have gained the past 4 years is immeasurable and invaluable- you can't put  monetary value to it. But also, as I prepare to graduate and learn the hard truths about adulting, I'm realizing just how much money this education actually cost. From the markers by those windows in Madeleva to the electricity to run those awful toasters, everything is expensive. Work out equipment, computers, student workers. desks, paper, lighting, heat- it takes a lot of money to keep this school as wonderful as it is. I don't want any future belle to have less of a quality of an education (or less burnt toast) than me. In fact, belles deserve more than we have now! (if that's even possible). Imagine what SMC could do if we all donated just one dollar to help them reach their matching goals:

  • 1844 donors by noon = an extra $25,000
  •  4,000 donors today = an extra $100,000

This year's Donor Challenge has the potential to raise a record amount of money. This school has enough passionate students and alumnae that I know they can easily reach these goals! Donate now to help belles find their confidence forever.