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Waiting For The Trolley In The Cold: As Told By Disney’s Frozen

Us Smicks are lucky enough to have the trolley and our very beloved Blinkie to drive us around. Unfortunately, we sometimes find ourselves having to wait around for these services out in the cold weather. It’s winter in South Bend- so that means sub-zero temperatures, a good chance of snow on a daily basis, and black ice all over the place. Thanks a lot Anna. So here’s what that cold wait feels like, as demonstrated by your favorite Frozen characters.

You check your phone and realize that the trolley should be coming any minute!

So you try to hurry up the rest of your Smicks that are coming with.

You run out of your dorm and pray that you haven’t missed it. Oh boy is it cold out here!

You’re extra careful not to slip on the ice because we all know that has happened several times before.

And in classic South Bend fashion, it’s snowing. You suppose it is kind of pretty out.

But then you realize you’re going to have to wait for the trolley to arrive out here in the cold.

You start to imagine what it’ll be like if you have to wait outside for more than five minutes.

As the wait continues, your panic starts to set in. Oh my- is this what frostbite feels like?

You start praying for your own safety and ask Mother Nature for help.

You hear rumblings in the distance and get excited! Is it coming??

But when you realize it’s just a maintenance truck, your disappointment does not go unnoticed.

You try to focus on something else besides the fact that you can’t feel your toes. “Spring break on the beach, spring break on the beach, spring break on the beach…”

But then your friend thinks that she sees the trolley making its way towards you. Can it be true!?

It is! It is! You can barely contain your excitement to get out of the cold.

So you bravely remove your gloves to get your ID out.

When you finally step on, the trolley driver gives you a friendly greeting and you’re just like:

But then you realize that you didn’t actually have to wait for that long at all and were probably being a tad over-dramatic.

Once your toes start to defrost, you forget all about the wait and enjoy the ride with your Smicks.


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Kristin is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania working on her Master's in Social Work. She recently graduated from Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Kristin is from Northport, New York and played the trumpet in the University of Notre Dame Band during college.
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