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Top Ten TV Bromances / Womances

In every TV show, there are bromances and womances that we look up to. The inevitable pair that makes the show what it is. 

Let’s take a look at some favorites:

1) Jim and Dwight – The Office 

Sure Jim and Pam had a relationship to die for, but the development of he and Dwight’s frenemy status was just as touching and entertaining to watch! Between the endless pranks, impersonations, and arguments, a beautiful friendship was forming. Not only was their heart to heart one of the most “aw” worthy moments of The Office, but he even asked Jim to be his best man before Jim surprised him with Michael. 

2) Shawn and Gus – Psych

Starting when they were both mere tikes, these two have always stuck together. When Shawn comes up with the crazy idea to start a psychic detective agency, Gus literally only disagrees for about thirty seconds. Together they go through case after case, some of them endangering the pair, and always come out the other end closer. This duo makes a hilarious crime solving team and also have perfected singing “suck it” and fist bumping. They even proposed to Juliet together! These two are brothers and their friendship is just perfect.

3) Leslie and Ann – Parks and Recreation

Right from the start Leslie and Ann were amazing friends. Ann’s responsible and sweet personality is the perfect complement to Leslie’s ambitious, playful energy. They care about each other and constantly compliment and help each other in tough situations. Ann even took Leslie out on a practice date! Leslie constantly inspires Ann to reach for the stars and Ann always makes sure Leslie does and has what is best for her. This dynamic duo has changed Pawnee forever. So thank you random pit, for bringing these two lovely ladies together.

4) Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Sherlock

This epic bromance is one for the ages. From print to show, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have always been legendary friends. Sherlock’s sociopathic and isolated tendencies made everyone believe he would never make a friend. At first, Dr. Watson did not think he would ever get used to Sherlock’s crazy way of thinking, let alone be comfortable living with him. As time passed, though, Watson realized that Sherlock was his best friend, and now they both understand each other perfectly, and always have one another’s backs.

5) Cory and Shawn – Boy Meets World

There are so many reasons that these two had the most epic bromance. They went through EVERYTHING together: grade school, high school, college. Cory and Shawn showed us all what real friendship is, and how the people we can’t live without aren’t our significant others, but the people who are always there for us and stand with us through anything. As they grew together and figured out life, they taught us a lot about friendship. 

6) Alaric and Damon – The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Alaric from The Vampire Diaries have the most touching and heartfelt relationship on the show in my opinion. They were enemies at the beginning, but they found common ground and began to fight side by side against the crazy villains that came their way. Through thick and thin, these two have always done what they thought was best for each other, and really love each other. Not only is their friendship sweet and sentimental, but they have hilarious banter throughout the episodes. 

7) Lorelai and Sookie – Gilmore Girls

Lorelai and Sookie have a hilarious friendship. They always know how the other is feeling and how to cheer each other up during rough times. These ladies always have such a blast together, and their sarcasm and playful quips are legendary. Their caring and fun personalities fit perfectly together, and I think any Smick would agree that many of us have found the Sookies to our Lorelais here. 

8) Joey and Chandler – Friends

Joey and Chandler are one of the most hilarious duos on tv. They always find the humor in every situation, and are the class clowns of the group. They support each other in everything, and help each other out whenever they can. One fan even added up how much money Joey owed Chandler by the end of the show, and it totaled up to be over $100,000. Now that’s true friendship folks. 

9) Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily – Pretty Little Liars

These pretty little best friends have been through absolutely anything and everything together, ranging from an insane cyber stalker to murders, to a “dead” best friend, to corrupt cops, to boyfriend problems. Even with some fights along the way, these girls have learned that the most important thing is being there for each other. In fear and heart ache, these girls always try to create a little bit of normal for each other. Also, Rosewood is the scariest place in the world. Apart from Ravenswood. They should probably move.

10) Serena and Blair – Gossip Girl

No worries Belles, I could never forget this dynamic duo. S and Queen B are the epitome of fashionable friends. They almost always have something to fight about, but no matter what have set aside their differences to be there for one another. No matter how many boyfriends they’ve shared or colleges they’ve fought over, these glamorous girls have always got each other’s backs. What more could you ask for in a friend?


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