A Top Ten List of Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween

If you love Halloween movies, this one’s for you! Freeform is running it’s Halloween programming block again this year, with a twist! Instead of showing 13 nights of seasonal movies, they’re showing Halloween movies ALL THIRTY-ONE DAYS OF OCTOBER! However, if you’re like me, you can’t schedule out time every single day to watch two or three movies, so I’ve picked my ten best nights of Halloween to help you (and your grades) survive the spooky season!


Tuesday, October 2

  • 5pm/4c The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 6:30pm/5:30c Hocus Pocus
  • 8:30pm/7:30c Disney•Pixar's Monsters University
  • 12am/11c Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

This list starts off strong with features like the Nightmare Before Christmas and Monster’s University—and while I don’t fully understand why Willy Wonka made the cut, I love it.

Friday, October 5

  • 12:30pm/11:30c The Parent Trap (1998)
  • 3:30pm/2:30c Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
  • 6:10pm/5:10c The Addams Family (1991)
  • 8:20pm/7:20c The Goonies
  • 12am/11c The Breakfast Club

Another day full of awesome (if not super Halloween-y) movies!! The Parent Trap, the Addams Family, and The Breakfast Club? I can’t think of a more fun Friday night watchlist.

Saturday, October 6

  • 7am/6c The Parent Trap (1998)
  • 10:10am/9:10c Monster House
  • 12:20pm/11:20c Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
  • 2:50pm/1:50c The Haunted Mansion (2003)
  • 4:55pm/3:55c The Goonies
  • 7:35pm/6:35c Hocus Pocus
  • Freeform Premiere 9:45pm/8:45c Maleficent
  • Freeform Premiere 11:50pm/10:50c Warm Bodies

MONSTER HOUSE!!! The movie I was sure I dreamt until I watched it a few years ago… who let kids movies be this scary?? I want to thank them, and what better way to do it than spending a Saturday in with your bffs and hosting a Halloween themed watch party? Plus, The Haunted Mansion is a must-see Halloween classic.

Monday, October 8

  • 11am/10c ParaNorman
  • 1pm/12c Mrs. Doubtfire
  • 4pm/3c Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
  • 6:30pm/5:30c Dark Shadows (2012)
  • 9pm/8c The Addams Family (1991)
  • 12am/11c Clue (1985)

I will always have a soft spot for the demon barber of fleet street, so any day featuring Sweeney Todd is sure to make my top ten.

Friday, October 12

  • 2pm/1c The Boxtrolls
  • 4:10pm/3:10c Disney's Bolt
  • 6:20pm/5:20c Despicable Me
  • 8:30pm/7:30c Disney's Frozen
  • 12am/11c Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Bolt is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I’m glad it’s finally getting some love on this list! Plus, I’m always down for a good excuse to watch Frozen (other than saying my little cousins had to see it again).

Sunday, October 14

  • 7am/6c Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
  • 9:30am/8:30c The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 11:10am/10:10c The Addams Family (1991)
  • 1:15pm/12:15c Hocus Pocus
  • 3:25pm/2:25c Disney•Pixar's Monsters, Inc.
  • 5:30pm/4:30c Disney•Pixar's Monsters University
  • Freeform Premiere 8pm/7c Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic
  • Freeform Premiere 9pm/8c Hotel Transylvania
  • 11pm/10c The Parent Trap (1998)

This movie list is packed with fan favorites, plus a Freeform premiere of Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic, which gives you an inside look at how Disney prepares and decorates the park for their huge Halloween celebration!

Sunday, October 21

  • 7am/6c Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic
  • 8am/8c Spooky Buddies
  • 10:05am/9:05c The Haunted Mansion (2003)
  • 12:10pm/11:10c The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 1:50pm/12:50c The Addams Family (1991)
  • 4:00pm/3:00c Hocus Pocus
  • 6:10pm/5:10c Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  • 7:40pm/6:40c Hocus Pocus
  • 9:50pm/8:50c Maleficent
  • 11:55pm/10:55c The Haunted Mansion (2003)

Spend your Sunday with one of my favorite spooky families, the Addams Family! Tune in at 1:50pm Eastern to watch,, you wouldn't want to get on Wednesday's bad side, would you?

Friday, October 26

  • 11:30am/10:30c Jurassic Park (1993)
  • 2:35pm/1:35c The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • 5:40pm/4:40c The Haunted Mansion (2003)
  • 7:50pm/8:50c Hocus Pocus
  • 10:00pm/9:00c Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  • 12am/11c Teen Spirit

The original Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park on a Halloween movie list? Young Jeff Goldblum? Dinosaurs? I’m not mad at it tbh.

Tuesday, October 30

  • 1:30pm/12:30c Disney's Big Hero 6
  • 3:40pm/2:40c Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  • 4:40pm/3:40c Hocus Pocus
  • 6:45pm/5:45c The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 8:25pm/7:25c Disney•Pixar's Toy Story of TERROR!
  • 8:55pm/7:55c The Addams Family (1991)
  • 12am/11c Warm Bodies

Big Hero 6 is an incredible and heartwarming Disney movie that makes this day one of my favorites. If you haven’t seen it, 10/30 is your chance!

Wednesday, October 31

Hocus Pocus Marathon

  • 7:30am/6:30c Hocus Pocus
  • 11am/10c Hocus Pocus
  • 1:10pm/12:10c Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  • 2:40pm/1:40c Hocus Pocus
  • 4:45pm/3:45c Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  • 5:45pm/4:45c Hocus Pocus
  • 7:50pm/6:50c Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash
  • 8:50pm/7:50c Hocus Pocus
  • 12am/11c Hocus Pocus

Hocus. Pocus. All. DAY. Need I say more?


Catch these, and the rest of the 31 nights of Halloween on Freeform starting Monday October 1st at 5pm Eastern!