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If you don’t know who BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) is, THEN GET TO KNOW THEM. BTS is a South Korean boy band, and has quickly become the most popular boy band in the world. They made their debut way back in 2013, but have just now gotten the attention these sweet boys deserve! In both 2017 and 2018, BTS won the Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards. At the American Music Awards in 2018 they also won the Favorite Social Artist Award, not to mention the multiple awards they have won through Asian Award shows. These boys rock! Their style of clothes, music, etc. has changed drastically over the years, as they have come into their own and showed their true selves. Along with this, their music videos have evolved too. On November 6th, BTS dropped their latest music video for their song “Airplane pt 2” Naturally, I freaked out and made everyone I care about watch this video. Then, it made me reflect on all my favorite videos by them, so here are my top 7 favorite music videos by BTS.  


#7: DNA  

It pains me to put any of their videos lower than #1, but I must do this for the good of the people. Don’t get me wrong, this video is amazing. First, the choreography is stunning, at 3:05 they do a cool move with all their hands intertwined in a wave like fashion which is awesome, and there are multiple moments where you might say ‘HOW CAN YOUR LEGS MOVE THAT WAY?!’ The vocals are also amazing, we even get to hear Taehyung’s sultry deep voice in full force. The visuals give us some great Taekook moments which always gives me life. Overall it is a very playful and cheerful video, and is definitely entertaining, but the other six do it for me a little bit more.


#6: Fake Love     

If you know nothing else about BTS, you know this song because this is what they performed at the BBMAs this year. First, the visuals are absolutely stunning, especially the gorgeous break in the song at 3:13. A wonderful CGI moment is when the floor is falling after jungkook running, giving us major Spy Kids vibes. Along with the visuals, the choreography is simple, yet packs a punch. Speaking of choreography, we get yet another Taekook moment in the choreography which is always a win in my book. And these boys serve us LOOKS. First we got a lot of animal print in their wardrobe, and while some would see this as a negative I see it as a BIG positive. This music video is much more than normal entertainment, it is part of the alternate universe BTS created in many of their videos. This video makes a lot of references to it, which could seem confusing or odd to newcomers. I would recommend reading some of the conspiracy videos before embarking on this breathtaking journey.


#5: MIC Drop   

OK these boys give me major serious teenage mutant ninja turtles vibes, and it gets me hyped from the first 30 seconds. It is from the Steve Aoki remix, which sounds dope, but also more of the lyrics are in English. I would much rather hear the Korean version. No matter, the choreography is absolutely sensational, and it really shows their strengths as talented young men. Speaking of, at 1:32 Jimin and Jungkook fly through the air! In slow motion! It is insane!! This one is much more rap heavy than the others, and it has a more intense energy than the rest. It is the perfect hype song. Whether your pumping yourself up for a sports game or a night on the town this video will get you ready to party! Also… the explosion at 3:14 was real!! It was not CGI! That makes it soooo much cooler!! Ugh and the iconic mic drop by Suga at the end is the perfect way to end this masterpiece.


#4: Singularity   

This is the only song that made it where only one member is highlighted, and that member is the angel Taehyung (my bias). This boy right here is perfect. PERFECT I SAY. He opened the album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ with this song, and boy oh boy. This is the first song that made me fall in love with BTS. The lighting throughout is so aesthetically pleasing it brings me to tears nearly every time. And the choreography is so elegant and smooth. However, I do wish the background dancers ere BTS members instead of some randos, I would have felt more connected to it. Nevertheless the symbolic representation makes me feel so sentimental. Especially the masks, oh god the masks!!! If you want to dip your toe into the beauty that is BTS, start with this video.


#3: IDOL   

OHMYGOD THIS ONE. I don’t even know where to begin, it is just so magnificent. First, it has some of their best most intricate choreography EVER. There are so many elements to it that make you realize how talented they are. And their wardrobe is amazing! THOSE SUITS. THOSE THIGHS. UGH. And the visuals are just so aesthetically pleasing, the colors are almost as beautiful as the boys themselves.  Some might see the visuals as almost a little too out there… I feel like I’m tripping on acid a lot of the time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could distract us from the song a bit. There are also a lot of traditional Korean images and symbols, which makes me feel so happy for them to be embracing their culture! The song meaning is all about these boys loving themselves, embracing who they are, and doing what makes them happy and you can see this carefree attitude within the video. Also at 2:17, Jungkook twerks for a solid second, but it is the best second of my life.


#2: Blood, sweat, and tears  

This music video, quite literally, does things to my soul. First off, the classical imagery in this makes me want to melt it is so exquisite.Also, we see suga playing the organ at one point! He is such a talented little boy! This video also has some references to their alternate universe, but not as much as fake love. This makes it easier for newcomers to fully enjoy the show. The choreography is some of the best EVER. Same goes for the visuals, dear God. The scene with them at the dinner table makes them look like beautiful princes at a conference learning how to steal our hearts. And the gorgeous scene with Taehyung under a silk sheet is everything you didn’t know you needed. Honestly, the whole thing is just 6 minutes and 4 seconds of pure sexual tension is off the charts. Ladies and Gents, if you’re wanting a night to yourself, kick it off with this music video. Setting this aside their talents really shine through. The ending with Jin and the statue will make you scream, I won’t ruin it for you, watch the video.


#1: Airplane pt 2   

Before this little gem came into our lives, Blood Sweat and Tears was my absolute favorite music video. But now this one takes the cake. From beginning to end there is not one second that isn’t breathtaking. It opens by Taehyung strutting his stuff through what looks like a saloon in Spain. Then BAM the power of Jungkook hits you, giving ultimate Taekook moments I love these men so much!! The whole aesthetic is impeccable. The colors, imagery and dancing at times resemble Spanish culture, then you feel like you’ve taken a trip to the Wild West, and honey it’s about to get wild. Each member has their own moment to shine like the stars they are.  Speaking of dancing… this choreography couldn’t have been better. It showed their skills and was intricate but smooth at the same time. J hope’s moment dancing on the bar top is so amazing. His energy in it is just so infectious, you just want to get up and dance with him!! Then at the end, it starts raining on them while dancing. HALLELUJAH IT’S RAINING MEN AND IT IS BTS! This has made it to #1, go find out why.

Allie Johnston

Saint Mary's '19

BTS enthusiast
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