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Tips For Future Belles

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

Belles of the class of 2022 and every other class, I am going to keep this short and sweet for you! Saint Mary’s was the best decision of my life and I hope I can help you make it the same for you!

Tip 1: Know your limits

If you know you cannot handle something, whether it is a certain class or a certain number of classes, do not overwhelm yourself. I am not saying don’t try, but if you are at Math for the Liberal Arts Major level do not unnecessarily take Calculus.

Tip 2: Find help if you are struggling

If you are struggling in a class, talk to your professors. They genuinely want to you to succeed and are there to help you. If you are struggling personally or emotionally, find someone to talk to. Whether it is your RA or a friend or a counselor, there are people around you that want you to be happy and do well.

On a side note, the counseling center is one of the best resources to utilize. The counselors are amazing and will become your closest friends and personal cheerleaders.

Tip 3: Expect the unexpected

This goes for life in general, but in college especially. If you see yourself in a certain major but take a few classes and decide “hey I love this” then don’t fret on changing your plans. When I started my college career I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineering major, fast forward a year and I wanted to be a English Lit and Writing with a History minor. Another year and I am English Writing and a Business minor.  Remember, you do not need to have your whole life planned out at the beginning of your college journey.

Tip 4: HAVE FUN!

Take this how you will but be sure to enjoy your college years. Go to a Notre Dame sporting event, they are a blast for everyone not matter if they enjoy sports. Make friends and join some clubs. You can sign up for information and join as many clubs as you want and there is no obligation to go if you can’t or change your mind. Have fun, just don’t get into trouble!

Just some general tips:

Call your family, they miss you.

Check your email regularly! It is how most of the school communicates.

GO TO CLASS! This one cannot be stressed enough. It isn’t high school or community college anymore.

And finally, don’t spend all of your Munch Money on ice cream in Cyber. At five bucks each, it goes by fast!

Enjoy your summer girls and can’t wait to meet you all in the fall!

Sophomore transfer at Saint Mary's College, English Lit and Writing major
Colleen Zewe

Saint Mary's '18

I love fall, holidays, PSLs and forcing my dog to take pictures with me for Snapchat.