Thoughts on Kylie Jenner's Baby Name

In in an Instagram post this week, which has now surpassed Beyonce's twin announcement as the most liked Insta pic ever, Kylie Jenner revealed her daughter's name: Stormi Webster.

I have some thoughts.

First, many people were instantly confused, thinking Webster is the girl's middle name- did Kylie really name her daughter after the dictionary? Alas, no, her daughter's middle name is not Webster. Webster is actually her boyfriend Travis Scott's real last name. Webster just isn't a good rapper name.

I also was instantly like, "why did she give a dog name to her daughter?" I mean, really. Storm could actually be a pretty cute celebrity baby name. I wouldn't name my children Storm, but a Kardashian-Jenner? It works. But the 'i' on the end sort of makes it sound puppyish. 

But Kylie does have a nice reason for her name choice. I had never heard of the butterfly effect before, but it does explain the reason why she had a ton of butterflies in her video and a butterfly necklace. Apparently, just the simple act of a butterfly flapping its wings on one continent can have huge weather effects on another continent because of how the flap effects the winds- a butterfly in South America can cause a storm in Asia. I'm not sure if that's actually true (we'll have to get Al Roker to fact check) but it is a good life metaphor. What one person does can have huge consequences and effect the lives of many others, from a simple smile to a breakup with a longtime boyfriend... And, say, having the world's most famous celebrity baby.

Kylie named her daughter Stormi because like a butterfly, this one tiny baby will have huge effect on both Kylie's life and many others. While I am may not be into the 'i', I can get behind having a deep, poetic reason for a name. You do you, Kylie Jenner.