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Things to Do Alone On Valentine’s Day

If you’re like me and perpetually single on Valentine’s Day, you’ve come up with a few tactics to keep your mind off of what all of the happy couple are doing while you’re sitting in your bed rewatching The Office for the third time. Even though I’m secretly dreaming of being given flowers and snuggling up with my dude while watching the cheesiest Lifetime movie I could possibly find, I have to keep up my “I hate love” persona alive.  Here’s a few things to do alone because being alone is pretty great too.


1. Plan out the best day after candy sale places.

Obviously this is number one on the list.  I usually head to CVS or Walgreens for the best candy sales.  It’s usually 50% off.  How could you pass that up? AND you don’t even have to share.


2. Bake cookies and give them to your friends

Okay, I don’t know if I can love any college boy more and I love my college BFF’s and that deserves to be recognized.  Even though you would be buying into the hype of Valentine’s Day just a little, who doesn’t want to show someone how much they mean to them by giving them sugar.  If you don’t want to go the cheesy heart shaped cookie route, I’d suggest baking plain chocolate chip.  


3. Have a spa day

My mom gave me a home spa pedicure kit for Christmas this year and I think it was one of my favorite gifts that I got.  I find painting my nails really relaxing and fun.  Put on a facemask and relax.  You deserve it.  


4. Have a movie marathon with your celebrity crush

Ryan Gosling. A girl can dream right?


I think one thing I try to remember on Valentine’s Day or any holiday is that there is nothing wrong with being alone.  You get the luxury of not having to worry about someone else and do your own thing.  It can get old after a while, but there are so many more people in your life that love you than some random guy every could.  So when you’re just a little sad that you don’t have a S.O. this year remember that there’s always next year!

Caroline Blue

Saint Mary's

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