Surviving the Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be joyous, exciting, merry and bright. Except when you're in college, the holidays turn into the always stressful finals season, the South Bend wind and weather wrecks havoc on your skin, your gift budget is nonexistent, and you're faced with having to leave all your best smick chicks for a whole month.

Of course, the holiday season is still pretty merry and bright, even when you are in college, from the Christmas parties to the free candy everywhere! Here are some extra tips to surviving the stressful holiday season:

1. Take care of your skin

Winter in South Bend can mean dry skin all the time. Last year, my hands got really chapped and dry. Not only does it not feel good, but it makes getting a nice picture of your class ring on your finger in front of the Christmas tree kind of hard. This year, I'm more prepared, because I'm keeping a tube of hand cream in my backpack for any dry skin emergencies. My favorite is this Salted Caramel one.

2. Try yoga

Meditation and exercise both combat stress, and yoga combines the two! Trying joining yoga club to help stay sane over the next few weeks. We're obsessed with the #ActuallySheCan tank tops, made in partnership with Le Motto. They're super soft and breathable, making them perfect for yoga, and they all have really clever motivational phrases on them. Plus, Le Motto is offering Her Campus readers a 25% discount until November 30! Use code 'HerCampus' at checkout. 

3. DIY Gifts

Tight budget for gift giving this year? Involved in like, 10 secret santas? Krazy Glue to the rescue! Seriously, there's a way to DIY everything now that there's Pinterest, from festive wreaths to cute little wallets.

4. Get enough sleep

If there's one thing Diane Fox taught me in EDUC200, it's that sleep is essential to academic success. Of course, during finals week, getting in those 8 hours isn't always possible. If you are lacking in sleep, trying a caffeinated eye gel like the one from Alba Bontancia®. Not only will it get rid of those dark circles making you look like a zombie, but the caffeine will jolt you awake, too. Gotta fake it till you make it.

5. Look glamorous for the holiday parties

Going to holiday parties? Whether its Carroll Christmas or your boyfriend's family's fancy soiree, getting dressed up and looking nice for the holidays always boosts your confidence and makes you feel good. Try using Tarte's Lights, Cameras Lashes™ mascara for fake looking lashes with none of the hassle, because let's be real, who has time for actually gluing on fake lashes? Plus, Tarte only uses good-for-you ingredients like rice bran, olive esters & provitamin B5 soften & nourish lashes with each stroke.