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Sprucing Up The Science Hall


At the close of this past school year, we Belles were one grade younger, accustomed to dreary winter weather, and swamped with finals.  When school starts back up in two weeks, all will change: we’ll move up a grade, cherish the wonderfully warm summer, and be free of study mania for a while.  But those are not the only changes waiting for us at Saint Mary’s.  As we have wound down for the summer, campus has been bustling with construction on Science Hall.  From the looks of it, we might not even be able to recognize the home of our chemistry, physics, and biology departments when we return! 

As part of its $80 million “Faith Always, Action Now” campaign, Saint Mary’s College is beginning a renovation of three buildings on campus, starting with Science Hall.  Most students have heard of vague plans, but in the past few months, the college set in stone a clear vision for summer construction.  So, what exactly does it involve?

Well, the primary change consists of revamping the first and second floors of the building.  The two floors will be both expanded and remodeled.  On top of that, the college will be adding a brand new greenhouse.  The current building, which was completed in 1955, will finally be developed to accommodate the ever-improving methods of scientific study and research.  According to the Saint Mary’s website, the new additions will offer space for cross-field study within the chemistry, physics, and biology departments housed by the building.  It’s a big deal, and it’s making a big impact. 

“Students and faculty will benefit from a new greenhouse, more and better classroom spaces, dedicated and up-to-date teaching labs, and collaborative research areas. We are hopeful that these new, more inviting spaces will help us attract and retain scientifically-minded women for the robust education in STEM disciplines offered here at Saint Mary’s College,” said Nancy Nekvasil, chair of the Department of Biology.

To add to the anticipation, we can even follow the progress made on the reconfigurations!  Check out http://smcsciencehall.blogspot.com/ to see weekly updates and photos. 

While we’re excited that about our school sprucing up the science building, there’s one thing we hope stays the same.  The walk past Science Hall en route to Spes Unica has always been accompanied by the music that plays in the greenhouse to help the plants grow.  Here’s hoping that that’s one ritual that doesn’t change!


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