Seize The Moment

      Over the summer I saw an indie film by the name of “Boyhood”. It was extremely innovative in the fact that it had been filmed over the course of a 12-year span, following a young boy and his family as he grew into adulthood. But that’s not the only cool thing about it. At the end of this three-hour film (girl scout honor it’s worth it), the main character is talking with his father about life. They’re pondering whether or not in life is it that we seize moments, or do we let moments seize us. I thought this was a really interesting notion and was excited when it was brought up in my yoga class a few weeks after I had seen the movie. We discussed both approaches to life and decided that rather than having life just happen and unfold before us, we should go out and make ourselves happy, doing what we want and going for our goals. And this, my fellow Smicks, is what I challenge you to do this semester and for the rest of your life; seize life’s moments.

            I say this because I think it’s important, especially in our college years when we’re figuring out who exactly we want to be, to explore options. Take the class you’ve always been interested in, try out for the fall play, talk to the boy you’ve had the biggest crush on since forever. This is especially relevant with activities night around the corner. Maybe you’ve always been the biggest Harry Potter fan and you see that Saint Mary’s has a quidditch team. Sign up for it and don’t look back. Maybe it will one of your favorite college memories and your fellow quidditch playing smicks will be standing next to you on your wedding day. You’ll never know until you try. And freshmen, make sure you sign up for any and every club. It may not end up being for you and you’re email inbox may be bombarded by these clubs even three years later, but hey, at least you gave it a try.

            My dad always likes to tell me to take the first step, or as he more commonly says, “TTFS”, and to put myself out there for volunteer and leadership opportunities. When I entered college, he gave me an anklet so that I would look down and remember to do this. “Boyhood” resonated with me in the fact that I don’t want to look back and have regrets, and neither should you. Saint Mary’s women are strong and ambitious and we should never forget that. Life is short, so do you and seize life’s moments instead of watching life pass you by. It may be scary, but in the end it will be worth it.


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