Secret Santa Gift Ideas

This year, a number of clubs I'm in are doing Secret Santa. The issue with Secret Santas, though, is I never know what to get the person! I don't know my fellow club members inside and out, and my gift budget is tight. Thankfully, there are several gift ideas anyone can appreciate, and they all cost very little!


It's pretty easy to find inexpensive socks, and this time of year, who doesn't appreciate socks that are warm and fuzzy or festive and fun? A pack of two fuzzy Christmas socks at Forever 21 is only $5!

Candy Canes

Everybody craves seasonal candy this time of year, and candy canes are cheap- plus they come in a variety of flavors nowadays, so even if the person doesn't like peppermint, you'll probably find something for them to enjoy.

School Supplies

We're all students, after all, so it's something we all use. Make it fun with a pack of Smencils (scented pencils) or colorful gel pens!

Bath and Body Works stuff

B&BW is basically everyone's go-to for random gifts, and for a good reason! The travel sizes are cheap, and everybody loves to smell good, and it's always cute and colorful packaging. Amp up your gift by including one of those rubber pouches with a hand sanitizer, or a loofah with a shower gel.

A coloring book

Like, one of those cool adult ones. It gives people something to do over break! And some are pretty cool- I saw one in a store that was all pictures of Kate Middleton, there are Harry Potter ones, and I have one that is all landscapes of Paris. Tres jolie!