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Professional Clothing Items Every Girl Should Own

Dressing for the workplace is NOTHING like dressing for class at SMC. Duck boots are a no, your favorite monogrammed sweatshirt is a no, and worst of all, leggings are a no. What's a smick chick to wear if all her staples are considered unprofessional?! Here are 5 workplace-approved staples every girl should keep in her closet:

A mid-length skirt

Your work skirt doesn't have to be mega long, it just doesn't have to be mega short. It also shouldn't be too tight, but a pencil silhouette is okay! J.Crew Factory always sells several different colors in their classic pencil skirt for lots of easy, fun outfits.

A pair of simple flats

Closed-toe shoes tend to be more professional than open-toed, but wearing heels for an 8-hour plus day isn't always practical. A sturdy, comfortable,  good quality pair of ballet flats, preferably in a neutral color like nude, will get you far!

A large bag

A purse looks better than a backpack, and something big and sturdy will carry your work computer, planner and lunch easily! I know a lot of college-aged girls really enjoy using Longchamps for their job.

A simple, blue or white button down shirt

A simple, button-down shirt goes with ANYTHING: pants and skirts of any color. They can be dressed down for business casual or dressed up for business professional. You can glam them up with cardigans, statement necklaces and patterned pants. Simply put, you need one (or two) in your life!

Colleen Zewe

Saint Mary's '18

I love fall, holidays, PSLs and forcing my dog to take pictures with me for Snapchat.
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