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Must Watch Movies Over Fall Break

I find that my Netflix account does not get much use during the months of August through May. My hectic school schedule often gets in the way of binge watching movies until three in the morning. Lucky for us, fall break is around the corner AND Netflix is adding a bunch of new movies throughout the month of October. Could the timing be any better?! Here are five movies that are sitting in my que to watch over fall break and they should definitely be in yours as well!


  1. A Cinderella Story: Okay, I am sure we all have seen this movie a million times, but does it ever really get old? Also, who doesn’t love a good Hilary Duff movie?! Kudos to Netflix for finally adding every girl’s favorite movie and reminding us how perfect Austin Ames really is.

  2. Amanda Knox: Alright, so this one isn’t a movie, but it is still worth watching. Netflix finally released their highly anticipated Amanda Knox original documentary, and it will leave you feeling all kinds of emotions. PSA: It may not be the best choice to watch this one alone at three in the morning if crime stories freak you out.

  3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: THANK YOU NETFLIX FOR FINALLY BRINGING BACK MY FAVORITE MOVIE. If you never seen this movie, you seriously need to re-evaluate what you’re doing with your life. Fortunately, you have a whole week over fall break to watch this Audrey Hepburn classic if you never had before. You won’t regret it. I promise.

  4. Titanic: Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story, even if it doesn’t end particularly well? Even better than that though, who doesn’t love a young Leonardo Dicaprio as a leading man in a blockbuster hit? The movie is pretty lengthy, so fall break will give you extra time you need to get through this three hour plus movie.

  5. Picture This: So, I am sure many of you haven’t heard of this movie before, but I mean Ashley Tisdale is in it, along with a really good looking guy, so you know you want to watch it. Also, it was an ABC Family Original Movie… does it get any better than that?


Lauren is happily living life as a Communication Studies Major at Saint Mary's College. When not writing for Her Campus or studying for classes, she can be found binge watching reality TV or obsessing over Notre Dame Football.
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