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How Girls Fill Out March Madness Brackets

March Madness is upon us, and for those who don’t have any clue what that is, it is the NCAA basketball tournament.  For this exciting time in sports many fans fill out brackets ahead of time to predict who they think will win each game, and ultimately win the championship. Lots of girls might not care about March Madness but throughout my years, I’ve noticed there are a couple different ways some girls go about participating in the bracket fun.

Boy Crazy

Not everyone is interested in basketball, so you’ve got to find something to keep your eye on during the game!  Maybe you have a favorite heartthrob that you’d love to see succeed, so they’re going all the way in your bracket. Maybe you’ve seen some hotties on ESPN and they immediately became your favorite team. Even if their team is expected to lose, they’re always winners in your heart.

The Fashionista

Maybe you know absolutely nothing about Baylor, but have you seen those jerseys? And you’d probably look so cute while wearing one to cheer them on. With that being said, dress well, play well? Baylor it is. Arizona vs. Texas Southern? Let’s check the colors…Arizona is red, white and blue, very patriotic, way better than Texas Southern’s boring maroon.  Wildcats for the win.

Sporty Spice

March Madness isn’t only for the guys. You know your way around a bracket, and know team stats like the back of your hand. You’re no fraud. You put serious thought and research into your selections and are confident in your picks. You check your phone constantly, not to see how many likes your selfie got on Instagram, but to check in with every game on the NCAA March Madness Live app. You don’t even need a TV to watch games anymore. Technology these days…

The Super Fan

You support your favorite team no matter what their ranking is. You fill out all your team’s wins before even filling out anything else. They obviously win every game, even if they’re matched up against undefeated Kentucky…  But you have your team wining the whole thing no matter what.

The Eraser

You’d never admit it, but you are a cheater. You fill out your bracket in secret (and in pencil) never really revealing what team you picked to win each game. That way, if your pick doesn’t come out with a W, you can adjust your bracket so you magically have the winning team going further than you intended. I guess nobody ever said you had to fill it out in pen…


You always choose the underdog. Who doesn’t love to see a team come out of nowhere and advance in the tournament? 16-seed Lafayette? Send them all the way.  You might be setting yourself up for a massive upset, but you could also be the one coming out on top if they shock everyone and go all the way. You never know, right?  


Is basketball the one where you score touchdowns? There’s no shame in not understanding the madness that is March Madness. You’ll go through your bracket making completely random selections, with no previous knowledge on any of the teams. Maybe you just want to fill out a bracket for the fun of it and act like you know what’s happening when anyone mentions college basketball.  Go ahead, join the fun girl. 

Whatever route you take on your bracket, best of luck with all of your picks! 

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