Healthy Dining Hall Hacks

The reputation of the food at the DH is either that it is dull and boring or gross. Eating healthy is a challenge as well because it seems much more simple to just grab a piece of pizza. But with a little extra effort, these meals are better tasting and better for you than pizza! Make the most of what the dining hall has and spice it up with these Healthy DH hacks!

Breakfast :

  1. Make Breakfast Toast!

Get two pieces of whole wheat bread, then toast them to perfection. While your bread is toasting, grab spinach, plain eggs scrambled, and tomatoes from the omelet station. Get your toast, add a light layer of butter (not margarine)  top it with spinach leaves on the bottom, then comes the tomatoes and lastly, add the scrambled eggs on top! YUM!


2. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Grab a cup of oatmeal, an apple, 2 tsps of honey, and some cinnamon. Cut up your apple slices small enough to top your oatmeal off, add a dash cinnamon, and drip the honey over the top for a sweet and delicious breakfast. You can also add some granola as well.


3. Banana Sandwich

Toast two pieces of whole wheat bread. When toasted, spread on a tablespoon of peanut butter. Then slice up a banana and put the two slices together for a satisfying breakfast.


Lunch & Dinner

  1. Sriracha Hummus

Hummus with any veggie is perfect for any meal, but literally spice it up by squirting about 2 tsps of Sriracha into a cup of hummus and mixing it up. Pair it with carrots, sliced cucumbers, or celery for a healthy snack!


2. Brown Rice Bowl

Whenever SMC has brown rice at the stir fry stations, skip the other ingredients (or don't) and ask for just the brown rice. Top the brown rice with a scoop of beans from the salad bar and grab a piece of grilled chicken to top it off. Lastly add olive oil, squeeze of lemon and some pepper!


3. Loaded Salad

Salads can get a little boring and people tend to drench them with dressing which then makes the salads worse for you. So ditch the dressing and add more ingredients to make a fun salad! Go for the spinach because it is loaded with most nutrients!  I recommend beans, sunflower seeds, and cut up tomatoes. Add protein to your salad with sliced grilled chicken or the fish of the day. Lastly, squeeze lemon with pepper as a dressing or use the balsamic vinegar and olive oil mixed together as tasty and healthy dressings.


4. Bruschetta Bites

This is a simple and healthy appetizer to try in our DH! Either grab the garlic bread or gluten free garlic bread, tomatoes, salt, olive oil, and basil. Dice up the tomatoes, mix in salt, olive oil, and basil, and finally scoop that combo onto garlic bread!


4. Healthy Chilli

Whenever SMC has its yummy chilli, cook veggies of your choice in the stir fry station and then add your chili on top for a nutritious boost! I recommend stir frying with water, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, extra black beans, and peas!

Test out these recipes and comment below on what your thoughts on them were! Also comment your personalized DH hacks to helps other SMC students out!