GIFs All Short Girls Will Understand

As a 4'11'' girl, I've been through a lot of short girl struggles. I personally love being short! Its fun and I can buy cheaper versions of shoes like Uggs, Nikes and Converse in the kids section that look the exact same as the adult ones. That said, there are a couple struggles ALL petite girls know to be true.

Angela wasn't really designed with your height in mind.

Everyone feels the need to point out your shortness to you, as if you didn't know.

You're always a few paces behind your friends.


Its nearly impossible to look people in the eye when you're talking while standing up.

You will never, ever be able to reach everything in the grocery store.

Trying to reach anything in the middle of the counter is tough.

But you've learned how to jump up to deal (I really do this all the time at home).

Heels have become a necessity, even if you hate them.

So many guys said this to you in high school:

And people have told you to "save the tall guys for the tall girls" (what?! I'll date tall guys if I want to, thanks!)

And even with all the struggles, you pretty much love being short.