A GIF Journey Through the Jan Resignation

Any SMC student, alumna, professor, or staff member was a buzz with the news that beloved president Jan Cervelli had resigned from her position. Based off my acute research via Facebook and Finstas, here is a collective emotional journey of the SMC community after we heard the news...

1. When you get out of class and your phone has a thousand calls from friends to check your email. 

2. When you finally open your email, and they drop the resignation bomb. 

3. At this point, you're feeling a lot of things...






...Maybe happiness?

Either way, we were all feeling a lot of feelings. 

What about midnight breakfast? the signature SMC scarf? the band? Her dog??

While we may still be confused and sad with President Cervelli's departure, we are happy for the time we did get with her. We wish her luck wherever she may go next, and we are excited to love our next official president as much as we loved President Cervelli.