Getting Over the Mid-Semester Slump

Coming back to school after break is rough, let’s face it. After a glorious week of doing nothing, we have to come back and face all of our responsibilities. The pile of work due at the end of the semester starts to pile up and deadlines start approaching too fast for us to keep up. The Midwest weather throws us for a loop every single day, leaving us fed up and ready for the semester to end. We can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel as the mid-semester slump sets in. Although it’s easy to get caught up with the stress and anticipation that comes with the end of the semester, here are some ways to conquer the semester and finish strong.


  1. Take Things Day by Day


As we start to plan out our deadlines and schedule studying times for the rest of the semester, it seems as if we won’t possibly have enough time to finish all of our tasks by the end of the semester. However, significant progress can be made by chipping away at our tasks slowly, taking it day-by-day. When we accomplish as much as we can each day, the bigger picture doesn’t seem as daunting.


  1. Do Something Exciting Each Week

As we buckle down and zone in on conquering the rest of the semester, it’s easy to become so stressed out that we lose sight of the amazing experiences that college gives us. We get to live with our best friends, experience new things, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. As we’re heading through our busy weeks, it’s important for us to schedule “fun” time into our weeks so we don’t become overwhelmed with stress.  

  1. Appreciate the New Beginnings of Spring

It’s true that Mother Nature likes to surprise us Midwesterners with the occasional snow storm in April, just to keep us on our toes. However, we can’t deny the excitement that comes with the emergence of spring, bringing warmer weather, sunshine, and the disappearance of permacloud. As the semester starts to kick into high gear, it’s important that we embrace these exciting changes and new beginnings that come with the end of the year.