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Every Princess is a Belle (And Vice Versa)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Saint Mary's chapter.

Let’s face it, you never outgrow Disney princesses. Since “belle” means “beautiful” and we have our very own castle right on campus (hi LeMans!), it’s only natural for us to be inspired by our childhood princess friends. Here’s a tribute to a few animated royals totally deserving of honorary degrees from Saint Mary’s College for bravery, grace, and total “smickness.”  


1. Pocahontas

This beauty stood between her Native American tribe and the British to bring peace and stop the fighting. Talk about fulfilling the intercultural competence SOPHIA requirement! She inspires John Smith to paint with all the colors of the wind and broaden his horizons, just as Saint Mary’s expands our horizons. She stands tall, works for peace, and inspires others.  


2. Mulan

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my first semester here at SMC, it’s that girls can do anything. Mulan was stronger than all those boys in the army! She found a cause she believed in, and DID something about it, even if girls weren’t allowed to do so. She was as swift as the coursing rivers, and brought honor to her country, her family, and herself. Why would anyone want to make a man out of you when you can make a Saint Mary’s woman out of yourself? Mulan totally gets it: girls rock. 


3. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is basically an animated version of Sister Madeleva. After all, she’s just trying to discover the universe and her place in it! After being locked in a tower her whole life, she just wants adventure…she wants to see the light. We at Saint Mary’s pursue knowledge and truth: we want to see the light and discover the world.


4. Aurora

With all the things we Belles do, there’s nothing wrong with a good nap every once in a while (just not for 100 years). 


5. Belle

The honorary belle you’ve been waiting for…Belle. Aside from having the best name EVER, she completely embodies what it means to be a Saint Mary’s woman. She sees beauty where nobody else can. She sees the good in people (and beasts). We as Saint Mary’s women see the good in each other, build each other up, and teach each other how to love. So read those books, dream big, and love those who are neglected…just like Belle.  


Like our pink Spirit Week shirts say, “Real queens fix each other’s crowns.” Every Saint Mary’s belle is a queen in her own right, and when all of us encourage each other, we are unstoppable. Even if smick formal is the only time you wear a dress that makes you feel like royalty, you are a royal belle of Saint Mary’s College: crowned with smarts, grace, and grit. So get inspired by some of these Disney princesses and get out there and change the world in a way only a Saint Mary’s woman can! 




Just an indecisive, first-year belle trying to discover the universe and her place in it.
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Allie Royce

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Hope you find my work relatable and humorous.